Kit Siang No.1 Racist – Final Part

I have written on how racist Lim Kit Siang is in Part 1 dan Part 2 prior to this final part.

Lim Kit Siang is not only a racist, he was also against any attempt by the government to counter communist revolutionary ideology.

Two days prior to the 3rd General Elections (1969), Kit Siang held a press conference to accuse his now right-hand man Christopher Ross Lim’s stepfather as “Lying Education Minister.”  Christopher Ross Lim now uses the name Zairil Khir Johari. No “bin (Arab for ‘son of’)”.

Kit Siang accused the Alliance government then of enrolling Malaysia into the World Anti-Communist League, an accusation denied by Khir Johari.

Question: why did Kit Siang slam the government even if it was true that Malaysia had joined the World Anti-Communist League?

Answer: the Opposition at that time was teemed with members and sympathisers of the Communist Party of Malaya.

Communist slogans displayed in anti-government rallies
Communist slogans carried by Opposition supporters

A month before that, on 24 April 1969, an UMNO worker, Encik Kassim bin Omar, who was on his way home after the end of campaign hours for the day was stopped by Opposition supporters as he passed the Datuk Keramat section of Pulau Pinang and brutally murdered.  His face was smeared with red paint used to paint anti-government slogans by the Opposition supporters. This is among the reasons long campaign periods can be detrimental to public safety and order.

Since July 1968, that is a month after the commencement of the Second Malaysian Emergency (second armed uprising by the Communist Party of Malaya) that ended 21 years later, Kit Siang fired up racial hatred among the Opposition supporters.

Among the events of incitements that he did were:

  1. On 27 July 1968, at a DAP rally in Tanjung Malim, Perak, Kit Siang on purpose twisted the facts of the National Education Policy by telling the audience that the policy had been designed to eradicate the Chinese newspapers, Chinese schools as well as the Chinese language.
  2. On 24 August 1968, at a rally in Slim River, Perak, Kit Siang intentionally twisted the facts of the policy on the National Language to raise suspicion of and hatred for the Malays .
  3. On 7 September 1968, at a DAP rally at KM38, Jalan Sungai Besi, and on 21 September 1968, at the Sungai Way new village, Kit Siang intentionally incited hatred towards the Malays and the Government by slandering MCA accusing the party of assisting a Malay government to eradicate the Chinese language by not recognising the Nanyang University project.
  4. On 29 September 1968, at a DAP rally in Batu Pahat, Johor, 2 November 1968, in Lawan Kuda Bahru, Gopeng, Perak, and on 26 January 1969, at Jalan Yow, Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, Kit Siang incited hatred by informing the audience that the government’s policies are racist policies by giving priority to the Bumiputera to enter the public universities, automatically placing the other races as second-class citizens.
  5. On 12 February 1969, at a DAP rally held at Jalan Lengkongan Brunei, Kuala Lumpur, Kit Siang once again incited racial sentiments by telling the audience that the Government has shown its racist character by giving priority to the Malays to enter public universities, giving government jobs and distribution of land.

What Kit Siang did not tell any of his audience is that even in government posts (except for the Malaysian Armed Forces), the percentage of non-Malays in the civil service far surpassed the number of Malays as evident in the excerpt from the National Operations Council’s (MAGERAN) White Paper below:

It is evident that Kit Siang’s racist and agitative character has never diminished till today.  The General Election was conducted on Saturday 10 May 1969.  The Alliance party (UMNO, MCA and MIC) won 66 seats, 23 lesser than in the 2nd General Election while the Opposition won 54.

At 5.30pm, 11 May 1969, DAP held a victory parade without police permit that comprised of five cars and 15 motorcycles that started from Brickfields towards Jalan Lornie (now Jalan Syed Putra).

When they passed in front of the Brickfields Police Station (now demolished), the mostly Chinese participants shouted:

What can the police do? We are the rulers! Throw out all the Malay policemen!

At 10pm on the same day, while parading in front of the Jalan Travers Police Station, they shouted:

Death to the Malays! Sakai (derogatory term for aborigines) go back to the jungle!

The same insults were hurled at policemen on duty when they again passed the Brickfields Police Station.

At the same time at Changkat Thamby Dollah near the old Pudu Jail (behind Berjaya Times Square), about 40 Opposition supporters shouted:

“Kuala Lumpur belongs to the Chinese!

On the next day, Monday 12 May 1969, 500 scooters rode by Opposition supporters passed Jalan Ipoh, Jalan Parlimen, Jalan Gombak, Jalan Raja Laut before returning to Jalan Ipoh shouting at every Malay person they encounter:

The Malays are now powerless. Now we are in control!

When this convoy arrived at the threshold of Kampung Bahru, they shouted to the Malays:

Malays get out! Why are you still here? We’ll beat you up! Now we are bigger (more powerful)!

At night, more insults and abuses were hurled at Malay policemen on duty:

Mata-Mata Lancau! (Penis Constables)

Butoh Melayu! Pergi matilah! (Fuck the Malays! Go and die!)

I did not make all the stuff above up.  You can read them in the MAGERAN report as per the images below:

Where was Lim Kit Siang when abuses and insults were hurled at the Malays in Kuala Lumpur?

Lim Kit Siang on the morning of Tuesday 13 May 1969 was ready to flee to Kota Kinabalu so that he would not be in Kuala Lumpur if any untoward incident was to happen.

The moment he arrived in Kota Kinabalu he immediately went to a DAP public rally in Kampung Air. Sabah was scheduled to vote on the 25 May 1969 and Sarawak on 7 June 1969. In Kota Kinabalu he not only incited hatred towards the Malays but also towards the religion of Islam.

He told the audience that the Government was trying to create a Malay Malaysia by dividing the rakyat into Bumiputera dan Non-Bumiputera.  He also lied by saying that the Government wants to turn the Sabah Government into a Malay Government.  He also incited hatred towards Islam by saying that the Government would send Malaysians including non-Muslims (including Sabah Christians) to fight and die in the Middle East to help other OIC members to free Jerusalem from the clutches of Israel.

That is how racist and despicable Lim Kit Siang is as well as the DAP that he leads.  Almost 48 years have passed since 13 May 1969, Kit Siang is still attacking what he calls the ‘Malay’ government.  Back then, the Malays were united in protecting their rights that have been in existence way before the arrival of Lim Kit Siang’s ancestors – rights that have been agreed upon by representatives of all the Nation’s races and enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

Unfortunate for us now there are those who claim that they are Malays but forget easily.  Now this traitor and his worshippers stick a straw up Lim Kit Siang’s rear orifice and suck up to the DAP Supremo.

Stop The Killing

“Killing, whether it is one man, or one million men, is a crime.”

The world we live in is said to be a civilised one. In the old days, uncivilised people resolve conflicts by killing each other. Nowadays, civilised nations impose their will on other nations, especially when they do not like who is leading these nations. And this is accepted by the world as the civilised way to resolve conflicts; ironically this does not differ from the ways of our uncivilised ancestors.

This message was conveyed by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the launching of the 14th Mahathir Global Peace School and Public Lectures at the Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations in Kuala Lumpur. The MGPS14 consists of several programmes and lectures aimed at discussing the criminalisation of war.

He added that it took 20 years for a politician to convince the lawmakers of his nation to accept that slave trading is illegal, therefore it is not impossible to get the general public as well as nations to agree to criminalise war.

Conflicts should be resolved through discussions, tribunals, and courts of law. It would be better for nations to resolve conflicts by sitting down together as civilised people should. Of course, the outcome of some decisions of the courts of law may turn out differently as the international court is not independent of the most powerful nations who call the shots.

The vote of one country out of five holders of the veto power holds the whole world at ransom, determining the fate of this world. This is what the civilised nations call “democracy.” We can never have peace in this world when the fate of the majority lies in the hands of these five nations.

Tun Dr Mahathir added that the world can only be civilised if all politicians are also elected because they object to war. Children must also be educated on the efforts to criminalise war.

The launching of the MGPS14 was also attended by Dr M Jusuf Kalla, the former Vice-President of the Republic of Indonesia who delivered a lecture on peace and diplomacy.


In his lecture, Dr Jusuf Kalla said that the two World Wars were very costly. In the old days, in order to have peace one must be prepared for war. However, security can now be better achieved by maintaining good relationship between countries.

Dr Jusuf Kalla said about half a century ago Indonesia and Malaysia faced the same scenario. However, behind-the-scene diplomacy prevailed and stopped the Confrontation from escalating further. During the Ambalat stand-off, Dr Jusuf Kalla called upon Datuk Seri Najib to help diffuse the situation by mutually agreeing to order the respective naval units to end the standoff and return to base. This is due to not just the good relations between the two nations, but also the good personal relations between the leaders of the two nations.

“Weapons will have less meaning if the relationship is good,” he added. “A good relationship will never bring about wars. Diplomacy and good relationship will bring about many benefits. Malaysia has helped Indonesia tremendously as one of the major foreign investors there.”

Economic equality and non-exploitation of other nations should be the fundamentals to be exercised in order to achieve inter-nation peace.

When there are too many weapons available, peace is not easily achievable. Malaysia has been helping out in government between the factions and the government but the availability of weapons have hindered the southern Philippines from achieving true peace. The absence of a recognised leader in South Thailand coupled with the availability of weapons have caused many negotiations there to fail. The Southern Thais do not identify themselves as Thais, whereas the government of Thailand treat them as Thai nationals. The exact opposite happens in Myanmar where the Rohingyas say they are Myanmarese but the Myanmar government would rather identify them as Bangladesi-descendants. Without a common understanding, peace can never be achieved in these three regions. Therefore, weapons will always remain as the definition of security.

The MGPS14 will see a series of visits and public lectures starting on the 17th February 2014 and ends on the 1st March 2014. Among the invited lecturers include Dr Chandra Muzaffar (President of International Movement for a JUST World), Prof Johan Galtung (Professor of Peace Studies), Prof Dr M Din Syamsuddin (Chairman of Muhammadiyah) and Prof Ahmad Syafii Maarif (former Chairman of Muhammadiyah).