Amanah But Lying

AMANAH blames the school holidays for the poor turnout

Last Saturday’s poor turnout at the Anti-Kleptocracy/Save Malaysia event organised by Pakatan Harapan is proof that the masses are already jaded with the style of politics that the Pakatan has to offer.

Despite lining up old dinosaurs like Emperor Lim Kit Siang and U-Turn Mahathir, Pakatan only got 8,000 attendees at the peak of the event according to a post by Malaysiakini made just after the event ended at 11pm that night.

As usual, Pakatan sought the help of DAP’s Excel experts to count the number of attendees but Malaysiakini was wiser

That makes the attendance at 8 percent of the intended target, and 0.027 percent of the total population – and yet they claim that they represent the rakyat.

Even former partner PAS took a swipe at the event noting just 1,500 attended.

PAS is even more vicious

This underscores the dwindling support as presented by me in my previous post NO HARAPAN.

Pakatan’s spin machinery, this time led by former PAS member Salahuddin Ayub, claims that the school holidays and Deepavali break had contributed to the extremely poor turnout at the event.

The rally did not achieve the goal of gathering 100,000 people. Perhaps (this could be due to) the rally happening during the school holiday and Deepavali season. So many people would be on holiday,” he said.

This is despite having the champions of rallies, Ambiga and Maria “Isteri Nabi” Chin sitting on the stage alongside the Pakatan giants.

Back in those days not so long ago, Pakatan’s NGO BERSIH was able to muster 80,000 demonstrators for the BERSIH 3.0 rally which was held on 28 April 2017, a Saturday, and many even took the Monday off because Tuesday was Labour Day holiday – a definite long weekend for many.

BERSIH 4.0 which was held on the 29 and 30 August 2015, another long weekend Hari Kebangsaan holiday, saw 100,000 demonstrators attending.  That number dropped to 40,000 during BERSIH 5.0.

However, there were three real winners during last Saturday’s event.  The first  winner being the LRT.  Majority of the attendees arrived there by LRT, a small number were ferried into Petaling Jaya from other states by Pakatan in buses paid by them.

The second winners were the two A&W outlets there, one is the old Drive-In outlet, while the other is a smaller one located at Shah Motel or whatever that it is being called now.

The third winners are the kleptocrats themselves, led by KleptoKutty himself.   While talking about the BN stealing money from the rakyat, the seasoned kleptocrats managed to con the rakyat by stealing a total of RM68,329 to finance their pockets.

Kleptocracy at its best

Well done, kleptocrats! At least you can con people off their money without even getting into Putrajaya. God knows what you would do if you ever get there.

But, we haven’t forgotten what KleptoKutty did when he was there for 22 years.

No Harapan

Last night, BigDog revealed that Mukhriz Mahathir did not receive a single nomination for any of ANSARA posts. This is a drastic change when he used to be the leading figurehead of ANSARA.

Compared to MCOBA, ANSARA is not politically-inclined at all save for some chapters. But even those Pakatan-leaning chapters did not nominate Mukhriz for any position.

When I advised the committee members of an Air Force veterans association to seek help from Mukhriz the Menteri Besar over an issue they were facing in Kedah, they shook their head saying they would rather seek help from the EXCOs or individual ADUNs as Mukhriz was not a performer.

Of course, Mukhriz has been making his rounds in his parliamentary constituency but even people there tell me that he hardly visited them when he was the MB. They dismissed it as a superficial attempt to show that he is still relevant.

He even visited Langkawi, where his own father is the self-appointed Ketua Pribumi, to tell people of his vision to develop Langkawi even further, including turning the padi patch behind the Ayer Hangat Cultural Village into a commercial area.

The problem is, the islanders are aware that for 22 years, Mukhriz’s father only brought development to the southern part of the island, enriching cronies and outsiders, giving them land, leaving people in the northern half to fend for themselves.

Just like Pulau Pinang, there is hardly a beach that locals could go to to enjoy.

Other than bitching about what BN does, they are also good at doing bad things like creating fear among the kampung folks by dishing out lies.

An example is the putting up of a land office map of several kampungs in Seri Medan with a crudely-drawn rectangle showing “the new alignment of the High Speed Rail” that will affect the respective kampungs. Not even people in the Johor Land and Housing committee have heard of such re-alignment of the HSR.

The District Land Office plan with a crudely-drawn rectangle to show realignment of the HSR being put up at a Chinese shop in Kampung Parit Warijo Lintang in Seri Medan

Although Pribumi has a foot in Kampung Parit Seri Menanti where a former UMNO man angered by not being given contracts had set up a Pribumi branch, the party has made a base out of Kampung Sri Bengkal’s favourite Soto Kambing joint in nearby Parit Yob which is operated by a housewife and her amputee husband.

But seeing the number of likes and comments on the Instagram page belonging to a high-ranking Pribumi official shows that the 1.5 million signatures of a petition presented by Pribumi AMANDA’s Syed Sajat is nothing but a fabrication.

Of late,  even Pakatan-organised talks cannot muster the same crowds as they used to. A sign that people are weary of the amount of bitching the Pakatan has been doing instead of spending time and taxpayers’ money in the form of their allowances to do good for the rakyat.

There may have been some crowd when Mahathir was in Kuching recently but you can hardly take that as a show for support. Even my BN-supporting relatives were there “to see what the fuss is all about” and to see what stallowners have to offer.

See how the latest Pakatan talk fared.

Even the President of Pribumi who claimed he was expelled from UMNO for fighting against the alleged excessiveness of Najib Razak, could muster a handful at his talks.

This is the sorry state of support that the Pakatan could muster. It tells a lot. Maybe they should save the trouble first before saving Malaysia.

The Fall of the Straits Settlements?

Last night, I wrote a bit about how Georgetown may lose its UNESCO Heritage Site status. Tonight, I shall write a bit more and tell you what impact should such event take place.

If you can recall I wrote that Georgetown in Pulau Pinang, and the City of Melaka in Melaka, were bestowed UNESCO Heritage Site status on 7 July 2008.

Unlike Pulau Pinang, Melaka is certainly proud of its UNESCO Heritage Site status

The application for the status was first made sometime in 1998 but failed to achieve the status as the documentation was not proper.

If I recall correctly, the Federal government had to step in through its Jabatan Warisan Negara (National Heritage Department) to properly structure the application to UNESCO.

In January 2007 the Nomination Dossier was submitted. In July, the official acknowledgment from UNESCO was received.

This followed a visit by officials from the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) to Georgetown and Melaka between 24 to 31 August 2007. They include Professor Yukio Nishimura who is from the Department of Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo.

The Baba Nyonya and Portuguese heritages as well as their society is preserved by the Melaka government

Since being bestowed the status, Melaka took the necessary steps to ensure that the descendants of the historical Melaka people, its customs and sites remain preserved with very little restoration modifications done.

One can almost imagine Portuguese and Dutch soldiers walk upon the grounds of this church on St John’s Hill, Melaka

Both Melaka and Georgetown are similar in many ways. Some parts of both cities are time capsules of eras that have passed, eras that played a huge role in shaping the two cities. But that is where the similarities end.

In Georgetown you can hardly find the original people. Although the clans still have their presence there, only the richer ones remain on the island while poorer ones have moved to the mainland.

Gone are the sundry shops, the second-hand bookstores I used to frequent along Armenian Street, the old Chinese man weaving rattan baskets and the Malabari newsagents.

While the facade of their shops remain, inside are rows upon rows of boutique hotels and hipster cafes that are owned by foreigners and by that I mean non-citizens.

Pulau Pinang’s adamant stand to fulfill its Transportation Master Plan as wel as the selling of heritage buildings to foreigners also contribute to Georgetown losing its heritage status. Changing the landscape by the reclamation works to build three man-made islands would also destroy Pulau Pinang’s heritage.

Other than having to maintain and preserve historical buildings and sites, multi-cultural tangible and intangible heritage expressed in the great variety of religious buildings of different faiths, ethnic quarters, the many languages, worship and religious festivals, dances, costumes, art and music, food, and daily life must also continue to be preserved.

Under the guise of development the DAP-led state government of Pulau Pinang is only interested in making as much money as it possibly could.  After all, land is money? Why worry about 40 buildings that nobody could live in when you have preserved five?

But what I am about to tell you will make many become apoplectic with rage – if Georgetown loses its UNESCO Heritage Site status, SO WILL MELAKA.

Yes, the UNESCO Heritage Site status was jointly awarded to both Georgetown and Melaka on 7 July 2008, and the Jabatan Warisan Negara is the body to preserve the sites as per the status. There was one joint-application to UNESCO for both cities.

But with land being a state prerogative, what chances does the department or all Pulau Pinang’s heritage NGOs have? The innocent victim here would be the people of Melaka. If robbed of its status because of the callous behaviour of the Pulau Pinang state government, the romance of showcasing historical sites to tourists in Melaka would be forever gone. So would be the businesses, the trishaw riders, and possibly some of the archaeological excavation sites.

Yes, Tokong’s greed and selfishness will not only destroy Pulau Pinang, they will destroy Melaka too. Does he care? I doubt. The people of Melaka are not going to vote for him next year.

The sun will soon set on Melaka’s UNESCO Heritage Site status because of the Tokong

Siva Rasa Rasuah

Every time a member or someone related to the Pakatan is arrested by the authorities for a wrongdoing, Pakatan would be quick to accuse the act as a politically-motivated move.

Perception is everything for Pakatan, even if it means flogging a dead horse. From recycling of issues to spinning crimes committed into acts of chivalry.

When Teoh Beng Hock died while in a MACC building, it was the BN’s fault although Beng Hock was being interviewed for things DAP office-holders were being investigated for. No matter that the BN loses out for not getting juicy stories of Pakatan corruption with the death of Beng Hock, BN is responsible although it sounds very illogical.

When Tokong Lim Guan Eng and when his henchman Phee Boon Poh were hauled up, again BN got the blame for politically-motivated acts. The same goes to the time the MACC raided Selangor’s Menteri Besar Incorporated for its fishy deals with UNISEL, BN was blamed.

It seems that the Pakatan is above the law. They get away with murder by blaming the BN for their failures. When Pulau Pinang gets inundated by countless flash floods, the BN gets blamed. When it is pointed that they should not blame the BN after being in power for two terms, they put the blame on God.

Yesterday, it was announced that the brother of a prominent Pakatan Member of  Parliament was arrested together with two other staff of the said MP’s office for graft, the MP was quick to say that the arrests are politically-motivated.

This is the same MP who was recently implied by rabbit-toothed MP Pony Tua for being submissive to thugs.

Even someone implied by a fellow Pakatan member as allowing thugs to flourish blames the MACC for the wrongdoings of his own brother and staff members.

Chief Commissioner of the MACC Tan Sri Dzulkifli Ahmad chided the MP, Sivarasa Rasiah, for making such claims.  He said the action against the three individuals was conducted professionally in line with the efforts of the commission to rid the country of corruption.

We stress that the arrest of the individuals is not related to politics. We are doing it professionally and not due to politics as the MACC has no time to be involved in politics,” he said to reporters in Terengganu yesterday.

When things don’t go their way, blame others. When it is members of the BN that get arrested, they would be quick to announce that the BN is corrupted.

When Najib Razak was investigated for the 1MDB fiasco, Pakatan was quick to ask Najib Razak to go on leave. No such calls have been made even when Pakatan criminals were being charged or found guilty on countless times by the courts.

Such is the impish behaviour of the goons from Pakatan. Yet, unbelievable as it may seem, there still are retards who continue to support and vote in these obstreperous clowns.

Selangor Anggap Serbuan Memerangi Rasuah Menjejaskan Imejnya

Selangor masih belum tandatangani Ikrar Bebas Rasuah

Hari ini Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) telah membuat serbuan ke atas Universiti Selangor (UNISEL) dan Menteri Besar Diperbadankan (MBI) bagi menyiasat pertikaian kontrak membabitkan universiti itu dengan bekas kontraktor, Jana Niaga Sdn Bhd, dan dakwaan rasuah membabitkan RM10 juta.

Serbuan ini telah mendatangkan rasa tidak puas hati di pihak kerajaan negeri Selangor.  Pengarah Komunikasi Strategik di pejabat Menteri Besar Selangor, Yin Shao Loong, menyifatkan serbuan tersebut sebagai usaha untuk menjejaskan imej kerajaan negeri Selangor.

Ia secara terang-terangan menunjukkan tindakan terancang bertujuan menjejaskan imej kerajaan Selangor yang tuntas berpegang kepada prinsip ketelusan dan kebertanggungjawaban,” kata Shao Loong. “SPRM dituntut supaya menyiasat secara profesional dan tidak dipengaruhi oleh tekanan politik.”

Beliau menambah bahawa tekanan politik ke atas SRPM hanya akan mencalar persepsi dan menghakis keyakinan rakyat terhadap agensi anti-rasuah itu.

“Mana rasuah? Mana ada rasuah di Selangor?”

Persoalannya, adakah benar SPRM dikenakan tekanan politik untuk bertindak terhadap para pegawai kerajaan di negeri-negeri yang ditadbir oleh pihak pembangkang?  Jikalau benar, siapa pula yang mengenakan tekanan politik supaya Exco Kerajaan Negeri Johor Latif Bandi dan Veteran UMNO Isa Samad ditangkap?  Barisan Nasional atau Pakatan Harapan?

Ini memang lumrah pihak pembangkang menuding jari apabila mereka sendiri amalkan budaya hidup rasuah.  Mereka akan mencari jalan keluar dengan menyalahkan orang lain.

Contoh terbaik adalah apabila beberapa orang Exco Kerajaan Negeri Selangor disiasat oleh SPRM setahun selepas mereka memegang kuasa pentadbiran di negeri tersebut – YA! BARU SETAHUN SUDAH ADA KES RASUAH!  Malangnya, saksi yang disoalsiasat ketika itu, Teoh Beng Hock, mati semasa dalam tahanan SPRM.  Namun, kematian tersebut dipertanggung jawabkan kepada pihak SPRM dan Barisan Nasional seolah-olah kematian Beng Hock memberi manfaat kepada BN dan bukannya mereka-mereka yang disyaki yang berada dalam kerajaan negeri Selangor yang diterajui mereka.

Minggu lepas, Nurul Izzah mengecam SPRM kerana menyerbu sebuah kilang haram dan juga pejabat Exco Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang, Phee Boon Poh.  Kata Nurul Izzah lagi, keyakinan rakyat terhadap SPRM berada di tahap yang rendah.  Beliau menuduh SPRM sengaja mengenakan ahli politik dari Pakatan dengan pertuduhan-pertuduhan yang remeh untuk menjejaskan pihak pembangkang.

Nurul Izzah berkata sentimen rakyat terhadap SPRM terjejas akibat serbuan di Pulau Pinang

Hari ini, Yin Shao Loong pula telah menggunakan ayat yang sama iaitu persepsi rakyat terhadap SPRM telah tercalar.

Selangor ialah satu-satunya negeri yang masih belum menandatangani ‘Ikrar Bebas Rasuah‘ yang disarankan oleh pihak SPRM.  Walaupun Menteri Besar Selangor Azmin Ali tidak pernah mengeluarkan sebarang kenyataan mengenai perkara tersebut sendiri, beliau telah diwakili oleh jurucakap beliau iaitu Iskandar Abdul Samad dari parti PAS.

Iskandar Abdul Samad pernah berkata bahawa Selangor mempunyai caranya tersendiri yang lebih baik untuk menangani gejala rasuah dan salahguna kuasa

Yang menghairankan ialah kerajaan negeri Kelantan yang diterajui oleh PAS telah menandatangani Ikrar tersebut.  Malah, Pulau Pinang yang bergelumang dengan kes rasuah juga telah menandatangani Ikrar tersebut.  Kenapa Selangor yang setahun jagung sudah disiasat kerana gejala rasuah enggan menandatangani Ikrar tersebut?

PAS yang hampir tiada gejala rasuah pun tandatangan Ikrar Bebas Rasuah. Selangor yang disiasat pada tahun pertama berkuasa boleh tak nak tandatangan?

Adakah Iskandar membayangkan bahawa kerajaan negeri Kelantan yang diterajui rakan-rakannya dari PAS adalah kurang berakal berbanding beliau dalam usaha memerangi rasuah?  Kenapa beliau sebagai seorang ahli PAS tidak berkongsi sebarang maklumat mengenai cara menangani gejala rasuah oleh Selangor dengan PAS Kelantan?  Adakah sebab PAS Kelantan bukan sahabat beliau?  Bukankah sebagai seorang ahli PAS beliau sepatutnya bantu memperkukuhkan parti seperti yang dituntut oleh Fasal 16 (3) (e) Perlembagaan Parti Islam SeMalaysia?

Sesungguhnya saya tidak faham dengan Yin Shao Loong, Nurul Izzah dan Iskandar Abdul Samad yang memperlekehkan usaha SPRM membanteras gejala rasuah dan salahguna kuasa.  Iskandar Abdul Samad tidak berkongsi pengalaman Selangor membanteras rasuah; Nurul Izzah dan Shao Loong memperkecilkan usaha SPRM.

Sedangkan Ketua Umum Pakatan Harapan dan Presiden PKR pun sokong akan tindakan SPRM yang meletakkan kepentingan rakyat di atas kepentingan parti-parti politik.

Anwar dan Wan Azizah menyokong tindakan SPRM

Sepatutnya, sebagai sebuah negeri yang bangga dengan kaedahnya sendiri untuk menangani gejala rasuah, kerajaan negeri Selangor sepatutnya menyokong kuat usaha dan bantuan SPRM untuk menentukan bahawa Selangor benar-benar bebas dari budaya rasuah.

Rakyat tidak bodoh.  Rakyat memerhati.  Dan rakyat tahu segala usaha memperkecilkan usaha SPRM memerangi gejala rasuah dan salahguna kuasa bermakna there is SOMETHING FOR SELANGOR TO HIDE.

Ketirisan Ekonomi?

The Opposition has run out of issues that they are recycling 2015 issues in WhatsApp groups. Here is one:

Nah.. baca ni, penulis dari group LHDN

Malaysia sebenarnya tidak berhadapan dengan masalah untuk mendapat sumber pendapatan negara tetapi sebenarnya negara bermasalah dalam menguruskan perbelanjaan. 

Kegagalan pengurusan perbelanjaan oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional memangsakan rakyat hari ini dirompak oleh cukai barangan dan perkhidmatan (GST) zalim yang dikenakan secara paksa ke atas diri mereka untuk menambah hasil negara.

Seawal penubuhan Malaysia, pelbagai cukai dikenakan kepada golongan berkemampuan untuk menjadi sumber kepada negara sama ada menerusi cukai langsung korporat dan individu dan cukai tak langsung menerusi duti eksais dan cukai jualan dan perkhidmatan bagi sebahagian barangan dan perkhidmatan.

Malaysia juga memperolehi hasil lumayan dan mewah menerusi hasil bumi khususnya minyak sehingga menjangkau antara RM70-RM80 bilion setahun.

Sekiranya kerajaan Barisan Nasional mengamalkan konsep perbelanjaan berhemah, tidak boros dan mengelakkan ketirisan maka pendapatan daripada sumber cukai sedia ada dan hasil bumi sudah cukup untuk menguruskan sebuah negara dengan penduduk seramai 28 juta.

Namun, ternyata kerajaan untuk tempoh yang panjang telah gagal menguruskan perbelanjaan negara menurut panduan Islam dalam berekonomi. Ia dapat dilihat menerusi fakta-fakta berikut:

a. Belanjawan Tahunan

Kerajaan Barisan Nasional membentangkan belanjawan defisit selama 18 tahun berturut-turut sejak 1998. Belanjawan defisit bermaksud perbelanjaan yang dirancang melebihi pendapatan yang dijangka akan diperolehi. 

Kerajaan hanya menjangka akan membentangkan belanjawan berimbang iaitu pendapatan seimbang dengan perbelanjaan pada 2020. Ertinya negara bakal menyaksikan belanjawan defisit untuk lagi 4 tahun mendatang.

Secara ringkas boleh dilihat perbezaan rancangan perbelanjaan kerajaan berbanding hasil yang dijangka sebagaimana tahun-tahun berikut:

Perbelanjaan (P) Hasil (H)

2008 (P) 176 bilion (H) 148 bilion

2009 (P) 207 bilion (H) 161 bilion

2010 (P) 191 bilion (H)148 bilion

2011 (P) 212 bilion (H) 165 bilion

2012 (P) 232 bilion (H) 186 bilion

2013 (P) 251 bilion (H) 208 bilion

2014 (P) 264 bilion (H) 224 bilion

2015 (P) 273 bilion (H) 235 bilion

b. Hutang Negara

Belanjawan defisit menyumbang untuk negara meningkatkan hutang negara daripada setahun ke setahun. 

Pada 2006 hutang negara hanyalah 247 bilion. Tetapi pada 2013 hutang negara telah meningkat kepada 546 bilion dengan peningkatan 299 bilion. Laporan terakhir 2015 hutang negara telah menjangkau 847 bilion.

Perhatikan jadual Hutang Negara sebagaimana berikut mengikut tahun:

1997 RM90 bilion

1998 RM103 bilion

1999 RM112 bilion

2000 RM125 bilion

2001 RM145 bilion

2002 RM164 bilion

2003 RM188 bilion

2004 RM216 bilion

2005 RM232 bilion

2006 RM247 bilion

2007 RM274 bilion

2008 RM317 bilion 

2009 RM376 bilion

2010 RM405 bilion  

2011 RM465 bilion

2012 RM501 bilion

2013 RM546 bilion

(Sumber International Monetary Fund)

2014 RM677 bilion

2015 RM847 bilion 

(Sumber The Economist)

Bayangkan, hutang kerajaan pada 1997 hanyalah RM90 bilion tetapi selepas 17 tahun pada tahun 2014 telah menjadi RM677 bilion.

Pada 2003 ketika Tun Abdullah Badawi mengambil alih negara hutang negara ialah RM188 bilion.

Selepas 6 tahun pada 2009 ketika beliau melepaskan jawatan kepada Datuk Seri Najib ia meningkat sekali ganda sebanyak RM188 bilion kepada RM376 bilion.

Selepas 5 tahun Najib mengambil alih negara, hutang pada 2014 meningkat hampir sekali ganda sebanyak 301 bilion kepada RM677 bilion.

c. Ketirisan Perbelanjaan

Kajian yang dibuat oleh Pusat Membanteras Rasuah dan Kronisme terhadap laporan tahunan Ketua Audit Negara menunjukkan berlaku ketirisan dan salah urus perbelanjaan antara RM23 bilion hingga RM40 bilion. Sedangkan GST hanya dijangka menyumbang sebanyak RM23 bilion pada tahun 2015. Jika ketirisan ditangani maka GST tidak diperlukan.

Pada tahun 2008 perbelanjaan untuk mengurus negara hanyalah RM128 bilion tetapi untuk 2015 kerajaan merancang perbelanjaan mengurus sebanyak RM223 bilion. 

Tidakkah ia merupakan peningkatan yang melampau untuk tempoh yang pendek iaitu 7 tahun dengan peningkatan hampir RM100 bilion?

Hasil daripada kegagalan menguruskan perbelanjaan inilah maka kerajaan mula berfikir untuk meluaskan lagi sumber kewangan negara sedangkan sebenarnya kerajaan tidak berhadapan dengan masalah sumber tetapi pada masalah berbelanja.

Penyelesaian mudah kerajaan ialah memperkenalkan Cukai Jualan dan Perkhidmatan (GST) kerana GST adalah cara paling mudah untuk mengutip sumber daripada rakyat.

GST dikenakan pada semua barangan dan perkhidmatan melainkan yang dikecualikan. Ertinya kerajaan mendapat ruang yang sangat besar dan luas untuk mendapat hasil menerusi cukai.

GST kena kepada semua rakyat tanpa mengira kaya atau miskin yang berbelanja dan mendapat perkhidmatan. Ertinya GST mempunyai cakupan cukai sangat luas. 

Jika sebelumnya hanya sekitar 1.7 juta terpaksa membayar cukai maka dengan GST berjuta-juta rakyat terpaksa membayar cukai setiap hari termasuk orang miskin.

Apabila cukai dikenakan kepada si kaya dan si miskin maka di sinilah ketidakadilan sosial dan kezaliman berlaku. Kerana itulah cukai GST adalah zalim dan haram menurut kaedah percukaian Islam kerana cukai sepatutnya hanya kena kepada orang yang berkemampuan sahaja.

Data 2012 menunjukkan 31.7% isi rumah Malaysia berpendapatan kurang daripada rm2500 dan 23.8% lagi berpendapatan antara RM2,500 – RM4,000. Ertinya lebih separuh rakyat Malaysia mempunyai pendapatan di bawah RM4,000 iaitu di bawah paras kemiskinan.






Copy n paste dr group LHDN utk sama2 Kita fikirkn bagai mana utk menghadapi situasi yg genting ini. [truncated by. WhatsApp]





My reply is as follows:

I don’t have to study economics to know that what counts is the ability of the government to service the debt. Therefore what counts most is debt vs gdp.

Our debt to gdp as at December 2016 stands at 53.20 percent compared to 54.50 percent the previous year. We are 67th highest out of 184 nations.
In comparison, Japan has the highest debt vs gdp which is 250.40 percent, Singapore at 10th place with 112 percent up from 106 percent in 2015 and the US at 12th with 106.10 percent, UK 18th with 89.30 percent.
In 1986 our debt vs gdp was at 103.4 percent, and 1987 it was at 101.7 percent. For two consecutive years we did not have the ability to service its debts. Everyone knows having a debt vs gdp ratio of 100 percent or more means we were living beyond our means. If we did not panic at 103.4 percent then, why should we panic now at 53.20 percent?
What also counts is our Gross National Income that has increased over the last 10 years from RM199.03 billion at the beginning of 2006 to RM285.20 billion in 2016.
Our GNI is at 838.9 billion in Purchasing Power Parity Dollars compared to Singapore’s 476.9 billion in 2016.
As for poverty level income, it is RM930 for Semenanjung, RM1,170 in Sabah and RM990 in Sarawak.
For hardcore poor household income level it is RM580 for Semenanjung, RM710 for Sabah and RM660 for Sarawak. Not RM4,000 plucked from the sky by this “person from LHDN.”

Mahathir Finally Seeks Help From Waytha Out There

Today is a historic day for the Malaysian Indian community. The man who for 22 years of his life did nothing to help alleviate their socio-economic status has finally sought help, in the most famous phrase, like from one Indian to another Indian.

After the meeting, HINDRAF chairman P. Waythamoorthy expressed confidence in delivering Indian votes to help Pakatan in GE14.

Of course the Kampung Buah Pala issue has been forgotten and forgiven by Waytha. Let us also look at several other Indian-related issues that Waytha had raised when questioning about Mahathir’s ability to lead Pakatan just a year ago this month.

Last year, Waytha said the displacement of the estate workers was rampant during Mahathir’s leadership and he failed to provide socio-economic reliefs to the 800,000 Indians displaced from the estates. 

He ordered the City Councils to demolish the Hindu temples and Hindu grave yards which existed for almost 150 years in the estates.

Also according to Waytha it was Mahathir who caused the serious rise in discrimination against the Non- Malays which has caused racism to be entrenched in the administration of the government and yet he would stand next to Nelson Mandela to declare his anti-apartheid vehemence.

Mahathir’s arbitrary arrests and detentions of many political opponents under the ISA and Official Secrets Act on many occasions especially for his own political survival how he would hone to perfection and use a gamut of archaic repressive laws.

Waytha added that Mahathir’s arrests besides politicians were environmentalists, consumer association spokesmen and also caused the suspension of publication of The Star, The Sunday Star, Watan, Sin Chew Jit Poh under Operasi Lalang.

His interference in the Malaysian Judiciary saw the Chief Justice and several top Federal court judges suspended and sacked. The way he went about colluding with Justice Hamid Omar, a senior Federal Court Judge, tarnished the reputation and the integrity of the judiciary till this day.

In March 1988, he made constitutional amendments to Article 121 and Article 145 which effectively took away the power of the judiciary that was embedded in the constitution and handed it over to Parliament through statutes. The power of judicial review too was removed. Hence he virtually modified the separation of powers where Judiciary was stripped of its independence and power overnight.

Mahathir banned various independent foreign journalists and has records of charging them with various offences.

Yes, Mahathir did all that according to Waytha. And it was just a year ago this month that Waytha was mad at Mahathir for using the term ‘Keling‘ as an inference to the Indians.

Waytha warned Malaysians about Mahathir’s intentions (of making a political comeback):

Politics is more than the eyes could see and the mind could perceive. Should one support him blindly for the sake of removing the present premier and replacing him with another. Politics is a strange and dangerous game.

Waytha must have said millions other things about Mahathir but all has been forgotten in just one meet – in the name of power.

Hopefully Malaysians especially the Indians see how HINDRAF has now gone Waytha out of line.