Khairuddin Should Congratulate Guan Eng

Mr Botox is not someone whom I take seriously but sometimes it’s nice to just whack him silly.

His latest tirade is against the MACC for the latter’s press release congratulating UMNO on its 71st anniversary.

MACC’s statement is as fair as you can get in its effort to make corruption the people’s enemy.

The MACC penned its hope that UMNO would support its Gerakan Anti Rasuah (GERAH) drive to rid the nation of corruption.

Khairuddin asked why has the MACC never congratulated whistleblowers such as Rafizi Ramli, Lim Kit Siang and Tony Pua?

Why should they?

Rafizi is a known felon. Last year alone he was convicted four times by a court of law, with one more expected; Lim Kit Siang is a known instigator who has made an about turn on U-Turn Mahathir; Tony Pua is just a loudmouth who fires away hoping something would hit.

Perhaps Mr Botox thinks that the MACC is pandering to UMNO and that UMNO controls the MACC.

Mr Botox being Mr Botox is not a bright person really.

At the launch of GERAH, the MACC had the media such as The Star and Malaysia Nanban as well as representatives from political parties like the DAP and the MIC.

Yes! The DAP was there in the form of the ADUN for Kota Shah Alam YB Ganapathy Rao a/l Veraman, while MIC was in the form of Vice President Datuk T Mohan.

So Mr Botox’s attempt to villify the MACC has come to a nought.

The MACC is trying to be fair to all and it does not help its effort by having people like Mr Botox running them down.

Perhaps he should congratulate Lim Guan Eng’s effort to clear his name by delaying the corruption trial he is being charged for, or ask MACC to investigate the weird theft of the New Gen Party that has had its name changed by Botox and Mr Box Ezam.

The Drama King

The Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) which is a component party of the ruling Barisan Nasional is at loggerheads with the Registrar of Societies as the latter had detected irregularities in the MIC party elections. As such, the RoS had instructed the MIC to hold another party elections or something to that effect. The party’s President, G Palanivel has thus far disobeyed the RoS instruction.

Enter the party’s Secretary-General, Kumaar Aamaan, who some say is the illegal Sec-Gen given that the RoS did not recognise the party elections thus rendering all appointees illegal. He went to the RoS office and went on a hunger strike:


He also declared that he would fast until his last breath:


Then he said because of his hunger strike, he received a death threat:


Now, why would anyone bent on dying for his cause feel threatened by a death threat? It does sound funny, doesn’t it?

I really think he was feeling very hungry at that point:


And just as I thought he would sit there through the weekend in front of the RoS office, all skin and bones, came the shocking news:


SAY WHAT???? You said you were going to fast until your last breath! Are you hungry?


That is the Drama King who has turned the much-respected MIC into another lawless DAP. If you think that that’s funny, wait until the next bomb I am about to drop:


Now you may laugh and wonder.

I Don’t Know What To Say

There is this flurry of signals flying around that factions within UMNO that are aligned to Najib Razak are at war with those pro-Dr Mahathir. Some accuse Dr Mahathir of being behind a movement to topple Najib, while the latter is being accused of using Anwar Ibrahim to hit out at Daim Zainuddin, Dr Mahathir’s long-time confidante.

I don’t really care who is fighting whom; I have stated time and time again in this blog that I was and shall remain a soldier and my loyalty is to my King and Country. However, if the allegations about both parties are true, the next general election will become UMNO’s curtain call.

You see the same thing happening in MIC where supporters of the President and Deputy President are at war, and the dormer President, Samy Vellu, has been dragged into the fray.

I don’t know what to say. But this blog posting from former Chief Editor of Utusan Melayu and former Information Minister, Zainuddin Maidin, paints the chaotic picture of the squabble within UMNO itself.

It is in Malay. Malaysians should be able to read and understand the post. Only non-Malaysians would need Google translate for this:

Salam Terakhir Zam Kepada Penulisan Politik