A very slow day indeed…

About five minutes ago, my colleague, Muaazam, asked me if I would like to have early lunch with him. I said it’s only 11.40am..but if he insists, then we’d go down and come back at 2.00pm. How productive. I’ve been yawning non-stop…my mind working overtime thinking of certain strategies for the company (yeah, right!).

I hope I can get away from going with the Ministry’s Sec Gen to Langkawi on 10th and 11th September. Why?? I wanna go to Tioman for some diving. I feel trapped on dry land, slowly turning into one of Darwin’s apes. I need to breathe compressed air underwater.

October, just before fasting month begins, I hope to dive the Repulse. For you non-history buffs, or for those whom have forgotten history, Repulse was a British battlecruiser that, along with the battleship Prince of Wales, were sunk by Japanese bombers in December of 1941. The Repulse now lies on its portside, 57 meters underwater, 47-48 nautical miles northeast of Tioman.

I’m gonna have to carry twin tanks for this dive.

Don’t stop me!

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