Here at Alamanda

Here I am at the Starbucks Coffee at Alamanda, Putrajaya, just after a meeting at the Ministry. And this is the first time I am using my TMNet Hotspot account (the other being Airzed which I use a lot).

If anyone watched NatGeo last night, I think it was called Primal Fear or something, about these two guys who swam with the Great White Sharks, that was interesting. It shows how such a “beast” can interact well with human beings.

Let it be known that about 100 million sharks end up at the bottom of the sea without fins, to die of drowning, because some people want to make US$240 million a year. Great Hammerheads, Whale Sharks, Great Whites, are among the sharks already on the endangered species list.

Without them, the marine environmental equilibrium will be greatly affected…and when they’re gone, we won’t have any fish left.


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