I’m A Racist

I am a racist…

…towards my own kind.

I was having breakfast with Baby at a certain bistro in Setiawangsa, KL, and there was this group of malay boys…hardly 15, puffing on ciggies while having breakfast. They looked as if they hadn’t had a shower for the past two days or so, and definitely lack sleep. One of them, whom I do not think is even a secondary-school-goer, heck, I don’t think he goes to school at all, was struggling to stay awake. Another was very hyper, looks as if he’s had too much of herbal ciggies the previous night.

Question: where the hell are the parents?

You will see this familiar scene anywhere in KL, but you will only see the malays do it. Mat Rempits are malays, obviously, otherwise they’d be called Muthu-bikers or Beng-cyclists. No, bad branding exercise there. So Mat Rempits describes the illness. Although I would prefer calling them Mat Bodohs and let them try glorify that title.

“Wei, aku proud giler, aku Mat Bodoh!

No, you won’t see that happening.

What’s happened to the parents? Too busy working that they no longer have time to inculcate positive values? No time to monitor the progress or regress of their children? There should be a law to jail parents of children involved in criminal and other unhealthy activities. Maybe even to the point of slapping them with fines when they come to bail their kids from the police lock-up.

Just two nights ago, in Century Gardens, JB, I saw a young chinese kid sitting by his original-imitation DVD stall. He was around 16. Although I do not condone the sale of pirated DVDs, at least this young kid is learning to earn money the hard way, that is: money does not come easy!. Once clubs close for the night, chinese kids are seen to head back home, and will dilligently try to complete homeworks and assignments on a Sunday, while the malay kids, may not have gone home, let alone having a shower even.

Then you also see underaged malay kids on motorbikes without helmets. When they get dragged more than 100 meters by a trailer with the head smashed into smithereens, and half the torso stuck in between the trailer’s wheels, the parents will blame the government for allowing heavy vehicles on the roads near their abode. When teachers cane their children, the teachers get beaten up by stupid parents. Then the malay kids will become trash, and the chinese kids excel, and then the former will claim their seat in a local university, and may not even graduate; or, graduate because the university’s administrators deemed it necessary to lower the passing mark so more malays could graduate albeit with third class degrees. Then, government departments will be filled with half-baked administrators whose English at best would sound like, “IS, ARE, IS ARE”.

Well, what else can you do about the Malaise if they themselves do not want to change?