With This Ring I Thee Wed

“Honey, it’s beautiful!” she gasped, when I showed her the ring. It was still at the jewellers’ and I was checking out wedding rings or bands, moving from Cartier to Tiffany & Co. 2nd August 2008 was the date, and KLCC was packed with people going to the PC Fair. I half-regretted agreeing to go to check KLCC out but I thought it was best we took the opportunity to check things out.

I asked for a final price from the person and got it, and told her I’d be back before the end of the month. “Yeah, you and thousands others,” the lady would have probably said in her mind.

Several times she would lament the price. “Honey, but it’s too expensive!” she’d say. “I’d be happy with something a lot smaller and cheaper!”

I’d caress her cheeks and kiss her forehead and go, “Look, Honey. You’re worth it. I’ve been waiting for you for 42 years now. And for the price I’ll be paying, you’re worth far more than that.”

After meeting her uncle to inform him of our intention to get married, I went back to the jewellers’ and paid for the ring in cash. Then, I purposely made her wait for me to pick her up from a meeting, the traffic jam added extra effect to it. The mood was foul inside the car and I put on my usual “I’m pissed” look. Then I took my camera out, and put it on display mode, and showed her a photo of the ring.

“Honey, dia orang tak marah ke you ambil gambar ring ni?” she asked, puzzled.

“No, they did not,” I replied, stone-faced. “Why should they? I’ve bought it.”

She paused, breatheless for a moment, then hugged my left arm, almost in tears, said, “Thank you, Honey. It’s beautiful!”

“You’re beautiful. And you’re worth it,” I replied, kissing the top of her head.

Life can only get better. And I love you, Honey. With all my heart.

The wedding ring