Away For Four Days

It’s been a hectic week for me at the office as usual – the endless meetings and mad rushes. Not only do I have to look into the operational aspects of the vessels, drilling rigs, and office matters – I also have to plan the move of our office into our spanking new 18-storey corporate tower end of this year.

At the GOPB-PP sailway ceremony

On Friday I was asked to represent my boss to the yard for a sailway ceremony of a topside (there were two, one sailed away in March 2009). I slept at 2am the previous night watching the repeat of American Idol that I missed due to a meeting with a ships’ broker over dinner. I woke up at 4am, showered, kissed Wifey on the forehead before leaving for the office where the driver was already waiting for me. I only arrived back home at 6pm, then went for a movie date with Wifey. That day ended at 5am on Saturday (yesterday). Then last night we hosted dinner for the usual suspects, especially for Aiz, who is now two months into her first trimester of her first pregnancy.

Wifey and her gang

This morning I spent the whole morning lying in bed, hugging Wifey. In half an hour, I’ll be leaving her for 4 days to do my offshore survival course down south. Although it won’t be as long as when she went to Bandung while I went to Sipadan, but nevertheless, it is always difficult for me to go through a single night without her. I’m going to miss sniffing the back of her neck every time I wake up in the morning, hugging her from the back. We didn’t do much today…just that, and went out for a lunch date, and now we’re back in bed again…and I haven’t even packed.

I know it was easy for me to go off for a long duration when I was much younger, but I guess age and the fact that the love we have for each other seem to grow more each day, makes separation a painful process. But I guess it has to do more with age – where I am now, I just want to spend the rest of this life as much as possible, in the presence of my loved ones.

Wifey and I - Saturday 16th May 2009

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