What My Blog Is Worth

While waiting to shower, I checked my blog’s status and find that I have between 60 to 100 hits on my blog per day. So, I went through this website called My Website Worth and found out the following:

1) Spena’s blog is worth US$25.00

2) Dayang’s blog is worth US$4.00

3) Wifey’s blog is worth US$6.00

4) Faiez’s is also worth US$25.00

5) Idlan’s blog is worth US$32.00

6) Renek’s blog is also worth US$4.00

7) Lynn’s blog is worth US$48.00

8) Mimi’s blog is worth US$22.00

9) Kimi’s blog is worth US$25.00 (and the guy hardly blogs)

10) Komar’s blog is worth US$25.00 (the last he blogged was last year or something)

11) My sister-in-law is US$25.00 richer

12) Aiz’s blog is worth US$4.00

13) My former blog at Narcaholic is worth US$25.00 (it doesn’t even exist anymore)


14) my own blog now is worth US$5.00

Now how is that for useless information?

4 Replies to “What My Blog Is Worth”

  1. Eh eh, tak useless info langsung!

    Thanks to your post, I found out my blog is worth US$96! Terasa macam boleh diguna untuk demand hantaran tinggi 😛

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