As 2011 Approaches

Work-wise, 2010 has, as the preceding years have proved, to be a year of mixed fortunes. Bitter, sweet, bitter, sweet kind of year. It started off with my transfer to the drilling subsidiary from looking after offshore support vessels; initially as a representative in a 75/25 joint-venture company, where I was looked upon as an enemy spy, to a full-fledged employee of a 100 percent locally owned and operated drilling company (after we kicked out our former partner). In that sense, going from zilch to a full-understanding of drilling operations in less than three months, really wasn’t an easy path for me. I would say that I am now at 96 percent efficient at what I do, the other four is because I am the only person in my department that is doing what I am doing. I had my salary adjustment (though not to the level I had expected but I am not complaining). And I am earning the respect of both the offshore crew and onshore staff, as they now recognise the importance of what I do.

I also underwent several courses to enhance my knowledge (and up my value): I did two investigation courses, an auditor’s course, as well as a drilling course; chalking up course certificates as I go along. I have also identified several courses that I would like to attend in 2011. I hope the boss will let me attend them.

My health has been relatively good, except for the episode where I was interned at the National Heart Institute for a stress-induced Atrial Arrhythmia. Other than that my BP, heart condition, lipid and triglycerides count, Cholesterol level – are all within the normal range. Weight is what Wifey and I have been trying to reduce. So, on 1st October 2010, we started our diet which went well at first; commencing at 95.0 kilograms for me. At one point it went down to 93.1kg. But good offshore food shot that up to 96.4kg two weeks ago, and my last count today was at 95.8kg. Therefore, I am 0.8kg heavier than when I decided to go on a diet.

On the personal side, life gets better. I finally managed to buy a new car. So, we all travel in relatively more comfort than before. It costs me about 10 percent of my gross pay for its monthly installments, but hey! This is what life is all about. The better you earn, the more comfort you want. My daughter, Farhanah, did relatively well for her SPM examination last year, and is now attending college at a private university. I hope she will excel and make herself have the edge in the job market later on. My daughter, Fazira, earned 7As for her PMR examination, despite my thinking that she was going to fare badly. She will be moving in to stay with us and will be attending the school nearest to our house.

As I have always believed and maintained, the truth will prevail; and after a three-year exile from the family, my parents have finally found out the culprit behind the breakup of my previous marriages (as well as my brother’s), and Wifey has gained parents-in-law. I know my mother loves her very much, and that makes me happy. My parents will turn 72 in the first quarter of 2011, there isn’t much time left for us all to enjoy this long-overdue happiness. I, too, don’t think I have that many years to go before the curtain call. I just want to enjoy the rest of my life.

I would love to have done more dives in 2010, but work had demanded most of my spare time; and in my line of work, everything is so uncertain that it is difficult for me to plan ahead. Well, I could, but events could change that. Nevertheless, I had had some good dives in 2010, and managed to get Wifey her dive computer.

One of my photos was displayed at the National Arts Gallery. I never meant to take that photo; it was something I had snapped while waiting for my turn to take photos of the Pygmy Seahorse at Mabul. I’m glad I took that photo anyhow.

2011 I believe will be a more difficult year; thrift and prudence in spending would be wise. At the time of writing, the price of crude oil is at USD89.84, and by or before the end of 2011, it would be at USD103.00. There is hardly any new exploration; shallow water fields have all but dried up. Of the 4 wells that we have drilled at this one particular location, only one have shown to contain black gold while the rest contained water. Deepwater drilling is an expensive business, therefore production costs will shoot higher as concerns of crude supply shortage heightens. Never mind the sabre-rattling in the Korean peninsula; the global price of oil will shoot up.

So, no government, be it the present or the future (if there is going to be a change of government in the next general elections) will be able to subsidise fuel costs or keep price of goods down. It will be a global phenomenon. But, if you choose to believe in lies, be my guest.

Here is a summary of what had happen in 2010 for me:


Ushering in MMX
We ushered in MMX with the Usual Suspects


We ushered in the Chinese New Year
We ushered in the Chinese New Year


My photo that has made it to the National Arts Gallery
My photo that has made it to the National Arts Gallery


Visiting EWDP-B and EWDP-A
I did a pre-deployment safety survey at EWDP-A and EWDP-B

We went to dive Sipadan
We went with good friends to dive Sipadan


My brother-in-law, Shah, becomes a diver
My brother-in-law, Shah, becomes a diver


We went diving again in June
In June, we went to Tioman again, this time with my parents-in-law


Approaching PC-4
I went to inspect a sour field off Miri

And we went diving again
And went diving again


Berbuka at Raju's
Ramadhan came and several times we broke fast at Raju’s

Sahur Stallions
Ramadhan also meant joining my former batch mates for our annual sahur gathering

Berbuka Puasa at Tip Top
Ramadhan also meant food trips – and one of those was a day-trip to JB for berbuka at Tip Top

Berbuka at Savor Jaya
And another to Genting at Savor Jaya


Ramadhan al-Murtabak
And what is Ramadhan without the annual Ramadhan al-Murtabak dive trip?

The family
We celebrated Hari Raya as a family together at my parents’ place – albeit without Medina

Celebrating Hari Raya in Batu Pahat
We also celebrated Hari Raya in Batu Pahat

Aidil Diving
As with Ramadhan, what is Hari Raya without the annual Eid ul-Diving trip?

We attended Tan and Hosanna's reception
We also attended Tan’s and Hosanna’s wedding reception at Cyberview Lodge

Open House
We hosted our first Hari Raya Open House


We made our own lemang
We made our own lemang

Zaza and Kazu return
My lovely sister-in-law and her husband came back for a little over one week

Kazu diving
And Kazu discovered diving

Kids at Halloween
The kids enjoying Halloween

Our Halloween decor
Our Halloween decor


I went to EWDP-B on board the KM-1
I went on board our rig offshore Sabah

Cherating Beach
We also went to Cherating because I had to attend a seminar

Sara and Ben's wedding
And we attended my cousin Sara’s wedding


TJP 52 Gathering
My squad mates and I from Intake 52 had our gathering. 14 of 36 attended

My mom met my mom-in-law for the first time
My mom met my mom-in-law for the first time

Pyan's wedding
We attended a dear friend, Alfian’s wedding

Went offshore for an audit
I also had to go offshore for an audit

Conducting an investigation
I had to go offshore again the following week to conduct an investigation

Celebrating the December babies
And we celebrated the December babies at my parents’ place

In summary, 2010 was an okay year that saw my brother and I going back to the family’s fold, and my parents finally finding out who was behind the bad-mouthing of us.

I hope 2011 will be a better year.


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  1. Hey Sayang, other than the crappy things that some people did that caused me lots of heartache and headache, my 2010 has been wonderful because of you 🙂

    Looking forward to another wonderful year!

  2. Whoaa!!! What a good year for you – especially you & JZ’s relationship with your parent. Alhamdulillah. Hope 2011 brings you all health, wealth and happiness. Happy New Year SD! *hugs*

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