Mother of Pendedahan


Rafizi Ramli, the so-called strategist for PKR must be scraping the bottom for issues to play in the run-up to the general elections that he decided it would be a big thing to expose Rosmah Mansor, Najib Razak’s wife’s unpaid traffic summons.

You open a can of worms, you will get exactly that. Let us take, for example, these two phantom voters who registered themselves as voters using my friend’s house address. They are none other than Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Rafizi’s political employers.


Now, make a few SMS using the identity card numbers obtained…first for Anwar Ibrahim:


Wow! That’s a heck lot more than Rosmah’s that have gone unpaid! Now, let us check his “wife”.


Holy crap! That is a whole lot of law-breaking exercise for someone who fights for justice! No wonder PKR is so against the implementation of the AES! Now, what about Rafizi Ramli, the BAPA PENDEDAHAN himself?

This is his Identity Card number:


Now let us check if he has any unpaid summons himself for being a loudmouth:


What the hell??!! What right has he got to bitch about Rosmah’s unpaid summons?

One word of advice for Rafizi: mKe sure you cover your ass before you want to hit someone else in the back! But knowing which party and leader he represents, I find it as no surprise that he goes around shooting butt-naked!

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  1. This showed Rosmah
    ignorant , abused of power as first lady slapping the PM, for the DSAI is a protest on the Malaysian Traffic Ordinand been privatised empowers cronies to charged road user for offences which is not finalised by Parliament hse, don’t be childish .

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