Latest Pakatan Play Using DoJ’s Suit

There are times when I wonder how neither Ramadhan and Syawal are no longer sacrosanct to the people from the Pakatan Harapan.

The latest blank shot was fired by Fahmi Fadzil claims that the Pakatan has nothing to do with the civil suit by the US Department of Justice.

There is a pattern here actually.  The RM2.6 billion issue was first brought up by  the Wall Street Journal on 2 July 2015, exactly 14 days before Hari Raya.

This was followed a year later by the first civil suit by the DoJ on 20 July 2016, again, 14 days after Hari Raya.

That the latest suit comes a week before Hari Raya is of no surprise to me. It is just timed for the Pakatan to have something to talk about while diverting the real issues of the abuses committed by their overlords in the DAP as well as the problems of the self-proclaimed champion of Pakatan, the PPBM.

The overlords in the DAP, a party that virtually submits to the wishes of the Emperor Lim Kit Siang and Tokong Lim Guan Eng  has been facing questions from the Penang Barisan Nasional and esteemed blogger Miss Lim Sian See.  All the questions have thus far gone unanswered. The self-proclaimed champion of Pakatan, PPBM, is facing an internal strife where the leadership cannot even answer questions posed by those in their own ranks, who were jumped upon by Mukhriz who slammed them for criticising the leadership.  It was alright, however, for his father to criticise the leadership of UMNO TWICE that resulted in a trust deficit in the party, and the departure of one President.

Like his father, Mukhriz Mudah Lupa

I doubt that there is anything to worry about the latest DoJ suit.  It still is a civil suit for the forfeiture of assets and is far from being a criminal suit.  And while direct reference has been made towards Jho Low, most other characters mentioned in the suit are monikers (for lack of a better word) to refer to people who are NOT being investigated regarding the case.

But of course, people like Fahmi Fadzil insists that someone be brought to justice, and charged in a court of law in Malaysia.  On what charge?  What crime has taken place and where?  Even the DoJ says it is a civil suit for something that happened within the American financial system.  How do we even try an American case in Malaysia?  So does Pakatan speak about all this with no knowledge or any hint of any comprehension of the legal system?

Name MO1 – this I saw on Twitter and Facebook several times.  Some have been urging he DoJ to just name who MO1 is and drag the person to court.  Why ask? I thought Rahman Dahlan explained to BBC last year that MO1 refers to Najib Razak.  So what? Isn’t that what Pakatan and its supporters wanted to hear?  Or is it because of the strong culture in Pakatan and its supporters of sucking up to the ‘white man that you need a white man to say it out loud?

Now, let me repeat this. MO1 is called MO1 because MO1 is NOT being investigated.  In the suit document I do not see any Najib Razak or MO1 or Rosmah Mansor being named as persons or institutions that might be affected by the suit.

Do you see any MO1 mentioned?

Therefore, if MO1 is not affected by the investigation and suit, why is there a need to summon the Ambassador of the United States to Malaysia?

And yes, Singapore has fined, charged, jailed, banned some people and banks for money laundering of 1MDB money.  Was that done by Malaysians or Malaysian officials?

Five banks were fined for money laundering the money.  One ex-manager from Swiss Bank was jailed and fined. Another was jailed 18 weeks for not reporting transactions related to Jho Low.  If they want to launder Jho Low’s money in their country, what has that to do with 1MDB?

And isn’t making statements like “And lest we forget, the aim of the civil forfeiture is to return the money stolen back to the Malaysian people” malicious?  Perhaps Fahmi Fadzil can enlighten us which money of the rakyat’s that has been stolen?  As far as audits performed by the government and renowned audit firms, all 1MDB money has been accounted for.  And mind you, monies borrowed by 1MDB to make more money were not from the rakyat’s coffers.  Unlike the bailouts of cronies by Pakatan’s Supreme-Leader-once-Enemy Mahathir, no public fund was ever used by the 1MDB to make money, save for the paid-up capital when setting up the company.

Also the following statement made by Fahmi Fadzil:

It is clear that Malaysians demand the truth – about what really happened in 1MDB; about the billions of ringgit allegedly siphoned by certain individuals; about diamonds and other expensive things bought allegedly using billions stolen from the Malaysian people.

Again, audits of the 1MDB has shown that no money is missing from 1MDB’s coffers.  So how can there be billions of ringgit siphoned by any individual from the Malaysian people?  Walk the talk, Fahmi. Show us the billions siphoned from the Malaysian people.  Talk is cheap.  Bullshit s cheaper.

Diamonds.  Well, who has the diamonds?  What was Fahmi Fadzil implying? That the wife of the MO1 received diamonds?  There has been no proof whasoever that Rosmah received any diamond ring from Jho Low.  If she did, is it wrong for a person to receive gifts? When you receive a present from your father, do you ask him where he got the money to buy that present from?

Jho Low did buy his mother diamonds though.

Maybe Pakatan should drag Jho Low’s mother to court for receiving a gift from his son

The only story about the wife of MO1 receving a diamond ring only came from one of the jokers in Pakatan.  The most famous joker who lost four court cases for slander.

Pakatan’s Chief Joker

My only guess why Salleh Said Keruak wrote as such is that he, as I am, was angry that story about a civil suit by the DoJ that makes no mention of the MO1 being investigated, is being skewed by Fahmi Fadzil et al to make it look to the rakyat as if there has been a wrongdoing by the MO1 and the wife of the MO1.  Only brainless monkeys would continue to believe the lies that have been dished out by the Pakatan.

And as for Fahmi Fadzil’s call for Jho Low to be tried in Malaysia, I hope he does have a brain.  What has he stolen from Malaysia?

Eager to divert attention from the problems faced by Pakatan, Fahmi tries to look smart and suggest stupid things. Please continue with this stupidity, Fahmi.  You are definitely doing BN a favour.

Eat monkey brain

Rise Of The Grotesque 

PERMATApintar is an education program that is to nurture balanced gifted and talented individuals, giving opportunities to children between nine to fifteen to optimize their learning potential.

Among those whom have benefited from this program include 22-year old former PERMATA Pintar College student Koo Jia Hui from Pulau Pinang who is now pursuing her PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Oxford.

If it was not for this initiative by Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, God knows who would have helped her. The DAP government surely did not offer her any help despite claims to have made annual budget surpluses.

Koo Jia Hui thanked PERMATA Pintar and Rosmah Mansor for helping her achieve her dreams.

And because of the success of the PERMATA Pintar program, Rosmah is in London now to expand the Nobelist Mindset program with the cooperation of Royal Society of London and the University of Cambridge.

London, a beautiful city, unfortunately is also home to ugly fiends such as U-Turn’s Mahathir’s pet dog, Claire.

I’m sorry. For a moment it does look like Claire but a tad too pretty. Claire’s far uglier.

And earlier she let loose her pack of grotesque beings to harrass Rosmah Mansor at the Royal Society of London.

It seems that Claire does not want human beings to be smarter or have the opportunity to have a better life than the gargoyles she calls her journalists.

Here is someone trying to give children a meaningful and better life, only to be harrassed by a white bitch who feeds on the scrap handed out by a ingrate nonagenarian.

Just watch how ugly the creatures she released from a cage near the Royal Society of London to harrass Rosmah Mansor are and tell me if this is how journalists behave.

Looks Like Me But It Wasn’t Me 2.0

Christopher Ross Lim, the Chinese male from DAP also known as Zairil Khir Johari, has denied that the person seen kissing with the woman who looks like Dyana Sofya, also from DAP, is him.

“No, it’s not me. They are all fake and that is all I have to say,” he was reported to have said in a WhatsApp message to The Star.

The woman said to be in the photos, Dyana Sofya, has not denied that she is not in the photo.

In her Facebook page, she alluded that the general elections is near and that it was an intrusion of privacy.

“This is the third personal attack within two months, I assume the general elections must be very near. No matter who is in the photos or videos in which I allegedly feature, these are major privacy intrusions into that person’s life.”

“I am sad that our political culture has gone to this. I have no time to entertain this type of personal and vindictive attacks,” she wrote.

Of course the above rule does not apply to Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor when DAP attacks their personal life.

Meanwhile, in our search for the truth we have found the man said to look like Christopher.

Mr Kow Loke Chat, 42, of Bukit Bendera, admits to be the one kissing Dyana.

“I know you may not believe this but if I put on my suit and bow tie I look better than that Malay-wannabe Chinese boy,” he said.

Mr Kow Loke Chat, the man said to be in the photos thought to be Christopher Ross Lim

Loke Chat attributes his youthful good looks to waking up early, peeing while squatting while facing the rising sun, and a good dose of moonshine at night before turning in.

We urge our readers who were born yesterday to believe that this is the man in those photos.

Kapal Punya Pasal Pembangang Tanya Siapa PM? Najib Atau Rosmah?

Siapa PM tanya Pembangang

Baru-baru ini, pakal peronda generasi baru milik Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia (APMM) telah mendapat sebuah Kapal Peronda Generasi Baru (NGPC) yang diberi nama ‘KM Bagan Datuk’.  Ianya telah dilancarkan oleh Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

Ini yang dijadikan isu.  Pembangang mempersoalkan kenapa Rosmah dan bukan Najib Razak sebagai PM melancarkannya.

Sebelum wujudnya tradisi pelancaran kapal oleh kaum wanita, semua pelancaran kapal di Eropah bermula 1680 adalah dengan para hadirin meminum wain dalam bekas yang diperbuat dari perak untuk mengucap selamat kepada kapal tersebut serta bakal anak-anak kapalnya.  Bekas perak ini kemudiannya dicampak ke dalam laut.

Tradisi tersebut dihentikan akibat kos bekas perak yang terlalu mahal.

Tradisi melancarkan kapal oleh wanita mula dilakukan oleh Royal Navy pada kurun ke 18.  Pada mulanya, House of Hanover, iaitu keluarga yang memerintah England pada masa itu diminta menaja salah satu kapal perang.  Maka, seorang Puteri dari House of Hanover telah membaling sebuah botol berisi wain ke kapal tersebut.

Oleh kerana kapal tersebut telah ditaja, Puteri Raja yang melancarkan kapal tersebut digelar sebagai Sponsor (Penaja).

Bermula 1811, Putera Pemangku George Augustus Frederick yang kemudiannya menjadi Raja George IV telah menitahkan supaya semua kapal perang milik Royal Navy dilancarkan oleh seorang wanita sebagai Penaja kapal tersebut.

Hampir kesemua negara di dunia ini menggunakan Penaja wanita untuk melancarkan kapal-kapal perangnya, terutamanya negara-negara Komanwel yang mana Malaysia adalah salah satu negara anggota Komanwel.

Dengan sebab itu maka Rosmah menjadi Penaja bagi ‘KM Bagan Datuk’ dan bukannya Najib Razak.

Empat tahun dan satu bulan yang lalu, seorang wanita bernama Siti Hasmah, yang merupakan mantan Perdana Menteri Malaysia, telah melancarkan sebuah kapal latihan Tentera Laut DiRaja Malaysia (TLDM) bernama ‘Gagah Samudera’.

27 Februari 2013, Siti Hasmah telah melancarkan kapal Teguh Samudera milik TLDM

Isteri kepada Siti Hasmah tidak dibenarkan menjadi Penaja kapal tersebut kerana khuatir beliau akan membuat benda yang lain disebabkan beliau mudah lupa.

Kalaulah saya ini seorang Ketua Negara, saya akan mengarahkan semua agensi keselamatan maritim melancarkan kapal-kapal mereka dengan mengikut cara Viking iaitu dengan mengikat seorang pembangang ke leding pelancaran di belakang buritan kapal yang hendak dilancarkan tersebut. Apabila kapal tersebut dilancarkan, ia akan menggelongsor di atas leding tersebut dan melenyekkan tubuh pembangang tersebut sebelum masuk ke dalam air.

Itu sahaja ubat untuk orang yang bangang.

Belum Puas Berbohong

Episod terbaharu "Pembohong Bersiri" akan muncul
Episod terbaharu “Pembohong Bersiri” akan muncul

Juara Pembohong Bersiri, Rafizi Ramli, sekali lagi akan menjadi ‘pejuang rakyat’ dengan membela nasib rakyat dengan suatu isu yang amat penting menurutnya. Yang menjadi persoalan ialah, sekiranya perkara tersebut merupakan sesuatu yang amat penting, kenapa perlu tunggu hingga hari Khamis ini untuk membuat laporang polis?

Isu penting - membuat sidang media lebih penting dari membuat laporan polis
Isu penting – membuat sidang media lebih penting dari membuat laporan polis

Sudah tentu kesejahteraan para peneroka menjadi tumpuan utama pihak FELDA. Saya difahamkan sumber kewangan FELDA tidak akan digunakan oleh FELDA Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGV) untuk pembelian 37 peratus saham PT Eagle High Plantations (EHP). Maka isu program kesejahteraan para peneroka FELDA langsung tidak wujud.

Begitu juga bagi yang sering mengatakan FGV membayar harga premium terlalu tinggi untuk saham tersebut.  Kita perlu tahu bahawa harga saham sesebuah syarikat itu tidak langsung menggambarkan nilai syarikat tersebut. Saham EHP juga dikawal oleh Kumpulan Rajawali sebanyak 70 peratus dan disenaraikan di Bursa Saham Jakarta yang tidak secair (liquid) BSKL mahupun SGX.

Peluang yang diperolehi oleh FGV ini sudah tentu akan meningkatkan lagi profil tanaman FELDA kerana purata umur pokok milik EHP adalah 7 tahun berbanding dengan 15 tahun di tanah-tanah FELDA/FGV.  Kerajaan Indonesia juga dikhabarkan telah bersetuju memberi pengecualian kali ini sahaja bagi sebuah entiti luar memiliki tanah sebegitu luas di Indonesia.  Kalau ini bukan peluang yang baik untuk FELDA/FGV memajukan diri serta memberi lebih banyak manfaat kepada para penerokanya, maka saya tidak tahu apa yang akan lebih menguntungkan mereka.

Kita jangan lupa dengan sejarah penipuan Rafizi.  Malah beliau telah berkali-kali didapati bersalah di mahkamah kerana menipu.

Pada tahun 2012, Rafizi telah mendakwa bahawa dana daripada sebuah kontraktor pertahanan telah digunakan untuk membeli 80 peratus saham dalam Astacanggih Sdn Bhd.  Ahmad Zahid Hamidi yang ketika itu merupakan Menteri Pertahanan telah memfailkan saman terhadap Rafizi.

Pada bulan Januari berikutnya, Rafizi telah memberitahu portal The Malaysian Insider (26hb Januari 2013) bahawa beliau akan tetap dengan dakwaan beliau dan akan melawan Zahid di mahkamah.


Walau bagaimanapun, Rafizi telah membuat permohonan di Mahkamah Tinggi pada 9hb April 2013 untuk mahkamah menolak writ saman yang telah difailkan oleh Zahid.  Empat hari sebelum itu Rafizi telah menafikan bahawa beliau telah memfitnah Zahid dan akhirnya memadamkan semua dakwaan beliau terhadap Zahid di laman blognya.

Pada 24hb November 2014, Rafizi telah memfitnah Rosmah Mansor isteri kepada Najib Razak dalam sebuah forum di Bandar Tun Razak. Beliau mendakwa bahawa kenaikan harga minyak telah membolehkan Rosmah Mansor membeli cincin berlian.  Apabila disaman, beliau membuat kenyataan bahawa beliau hanya bergurau mengenai perkara tersebut!


Rafizi kuat bergurau - tetapi tak tahan gurauan orang lain
Rafizi kuat bergurau – tetapi tak tahan gurauan orang lain

Gurauan beliau mengenai Tabung Haji pada tahun 2015 juga telah mengakibatkan ramai pencarum mengeluarkan simpanan mereka.  Ada juga yang sanggup melepaskan giliran mereka untuk menunaikan ibadah Haji semata-mata termakan ‘gurauan’ Rafizi.

rafizi04 rafizi05

Namun, setelah beratus orang mengeluarkan wang mereka dari Tabung Haji, Rafizi tidak pula berbuat sedemikian. Malah beliau terus menikmati dividen sebanyak RM25,000 untuk simpanan beliau yang ketika itu berjumlah RM530,000.


Bukankah ini merupakan suatu penganiayaan terhadap mereka yang buta tuli mempercayai beliau?  Tidakkah beliau langsung merasa berdosa terhadap mereka yang telah mendapat giliran untuk menunaikan ibadah Haji tetapi melepaskan peluang tersebut hanya kerana termakan hasutan beliau?

Cuba kita lihat apa kata Surah An-Nahl Ayat 105 mengenai orang seperti Rafizi?


Baru-baru ini juga beliau telah dikantoikan oleh pihak MRT kerana membuat dakwaan palsu terhadap projek tersebut.  Tidak tahan dengan pendedahan oleh pihak MRT, beliau kini mengalihkan siri pembohongan beliau dengan percubaan menghasut warga FELDA pula.

Apa yang nak dihairankan? Beliau sendiri akui bahawa tugas beliau adalah menghasut.  Namun, masih ada yang kurang uaya akal yang percaya akan pembohong bersiri ini.

Shut Up, Sotong!

Shut up, says the person who has lost court cases for not stating facts and lie to the people

Shut up if you don’t have the facts,” said PKR’s Rafizi Ramli to Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki on the latter’s claim that Tabung Haji (TH) has initiated a suit against him (Rafizi). In his Facebook Dr Asyraf has refused to debate with Rafizi on an issue involving TH saying that it isnow  a legal issue between TH and Rafizi.

Rafizi, however, is most famous for getting sued for making false allegations and getting his ‘facts’ wrong, and lose in court.

In 2012, he made allegations that funds from a government defence contractor was used to purchase 80 percent stake in Astacanggih Sdn Bhd. The then Defence Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, promptly filed a suit against Rafizi. Rafizi told portal The Malaysian Insider in the 26th January 2013 that he would stand by his allegations and fight Zahid in court.

Yes, I will face the suit. I will go through this issue with my lawyer. If he (Zahid) sues me, good. We will subpoena all the documents,” he said to The Malaysian Insider.

However, on the 9th April 2013, Rafizi applied for the High Court to reject the writ of summons filed by Zahid! In his statement of defence Rafizi on the 5th April 2013 Rafizi denied defaming Zahid and in the end removed all the allegations against Zahid from his blog post.

The above is a fact.

On the 24th November 2014, Rafizi defamed Rosmah Mansor, wife of Najib Razak, at a forum in Bandar Tun Razak claiming that the rising fuel prices was to allow Rosmah to buy diamond rings.  In his defence when sued by both Najib and Rosmah, Rafizi said that he was only joking!

The above is also a fact.

Just a week ago Rafizi was ordered by the High Court to pay RM200,000 (approximately USD47,733) to National Feedlot Company’s Chairman Dr Mohamad Salleh Ismail and also to the Company for defaming them.

In the suit filed on 3rd June, 2013, Mohamad Salleh and NFCorp, claimed that on 7th March, 2012, Rafizi had made a defamatory statement at a media conference at the PKR Office on the purchase of KL Eco City properties and was published by Malaysiakini on the same day.

He said the suit was filed because of losses incurred due to the lies, misleading information, disclosure of confidential banking information and slander made by the defendant.

The above is another fact.

Therefore, it is Rafizi in my opinion who should just shut up as it is an established fact that he is nothing more than a habitual liar.

Let us hope Strike Four will bury him deep.

Mother of Pendedahan


Rafizi Ramli, the so-called strategist for PKR must be scraping the bottom for issues to play in the run-up to the general elections that he decided it would be a big thing to expose Rosmah Mansor, Najib Razak’s wife’s unpaid traffic summons.

You open a can of worms, you will get exactly that. Let us take, for example, these two phantom voters who registered themselves as voters using my friend’s house address. They are none other than Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Rafizi’s political employers.


Now, make a few SMS using the identity card numbers obtained…first for Anwar Ibrahim:


Wow! That’s a heck lot more than Rosmah’s that have gone unpaid! Now, let us check his “wife”.


Holy crap! That is a whole lot of law-breaking exercise for someone who fights for justice! No wonder PKR is so against the implementation of the AES! Now, what about Rafizi Ramli, the BAPA PENDEDAHAN himself?

This is his Identity Card number:


Now let us check if he has any unpaid summons himself for being a loudmouth:


What the hell??!! What right has he got to bitch about Rosmah’s unpaid summons?

One word of advice for Rafizi: mKe sure you cover your ass before you want to hit someone else in the back! But knowing which party and leader he represents, I find it as no surprise that he goes around shooting butt-naked!