Rise Of The Grotesque 

PERMATApintar is an education program that is to nurture balanced gifted and talented individuals, giving opportunities to children between nine to fifteen to optimize their learning potential.

Among those whom have benefited from this program include 22-year old former PERMATA Pintar College student Koo Jia Hui from Pulau Pinang who is now pursuing her PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Oxford.

If it was not for this initiative by Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, God knows who would have helped her. The DAP government surely did not offer her any help despite claims to have made annual budget surpluses.

Koo Jia Hui thanked PERMATA Pintar and Rosmah Mansor for helping her achieve her dreams.

And because of the success of the PERMATA Pintar program, Rosmah is in London now to expand the Nobelist Mindset program with the cooperation of Royal Society of London and the University of Cambridge.

London, a beautiful city, unfortunately is also home to ugly fiends such as U-Turn’s Mahathir’s pet dog, Claire.

I’m sorry. For a moment it does look like Claire but a tad too pretty. Claire’s far uglier.

And earlier she let loose her pack of grotesque beings to harrass Rosmah Mansor at the Royal Society of London.

It seems that Claire does not want human beings to be smarter or have the opportunity to have a better life than the gargoyles she calls her journalists.

Here is someone trying to give children a meaningful and better life, only to be harrassed by a white bitch who feeds on the scrap handed out by a ingrate nonagenarian.

Just watch how ugly the creatures she released from a cage near the Royal Society of London to harrass Rosmah Mansor are and tell me if this is how journalists behave.

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