A Police Report – Part 2

Following the police report that I made last Thursday the CEO of Malaysiakini Premesh Chandran has denied any knowledge of the document in question.

 “I have not seen this document before, nor was I part of any discussions on ‘shared frameworks’, nor was I the chair of any committee related to OSF,” said Premesh to Malaysiakini.

My response:

When I was interviewed after making the police report, I specifically asked for the police that in the name of fairness for all, to thoroughly investigate the authenticity of the said document.

Therefore there is no need for Premesh Chandran to do an outright denial and let the police investigate.

It is a known fact that Soros has indirect links to 29% ownership of MalaysiaKini – something that Mkini themselves had knowingly admitted.

Premesh should explain why OSF documents listed his name as the Chairman of the advisory board for Malaysia.

I did not name him. OSF did. Why jump before the police has completed their investigation?