Christmas Lim Guan Eng Style

Malaysia is a failed state.

That was the gist of Lim Guan Eng’s Christmas message today. In the 547-word message, the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ was only found once while the word ‘Christmas’ was found only on one occasion.

Other than those words the message was just one large piece of slander proving that despite being a Christian, Lim Guan Eng’s Christianity is merely for show while he uses it to sow seeds of hatred.

Claiming that Malaysia uses fear to silence its critics, Guan Eng forgets that his message is all about himself.

He sued the New Straits Times and directed Sin Chew Daily to write according to his instructions.

If the Government of Malaysia is truly oppressive would Guan Eng even be allowed to roam and make such anti-Federal statements freely?

On the other hand, it is Lim Guan Eng who has been using state government apparatus to silence those opposed to him.

The Penang municipal raids of 3 coffee shops and the demolition of part of the shop owned by Penang businessman Patrick Ooi the next day after a Penang Councillor had warned him of enforcement action for criticizing the Penang Chief Minister is not a new thing.

Even though they always cry “freedom of speech” or being fair, the DAP regime has a history of rudeness, vindictiveness and abuse of power – even against those who are supposed to be on their side – when faced with criticism. 
The following incidents happened in this year alone: 
1. The CM publicly calling and vilifying Penang Councilor Lim Mah Hui a liar after Mah Hui had criticized the Penang council over traffic enforcement.
2. DAP leaders calling Lim Mah Hui a traitor after Mah Hui had written to UNESCO on his concerns over Penang’s heritage status.
3. Well known activist and permanent member Khoo Salma was asked to leave the Penang Transport Council Meeting to discuss the RM46 billion Penang Transport Masterplan coz she is no longer welcome after criticizing the DAP state government many times recently.
4. PKR ADUNs Cheah Kah Peng and another PKR assemblyman, Ong Chin Wen, were removed from their posts in state-owned GLCs after they abstained from voting against a land reclamation motion.
5. The Penang CM insulting the Clan Jetties leader using “Lut You” and boasting “this is not your father’s land” after the Penang State Govt tried to muscle in on the Clan Jetties CNY Tian Kong festival.
6. DAP leaders and supporters insulting former DAP member and scholar Roger Teoh as cowardly, desperate, asking him to grow up and asking him to emulate Chairman Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” after Roger Teoh has raised grave concerns on the multiple scandals of the Penang Masterplan.
7. The DAP Penang Govt’s continued refusal to give approvals for projects from Federal Govt agencies JKP Sdn Bhd, PR1MA and PERDOS for property developments to fund affordable housing.
8. The Penang CM and his team publicly attacking newspapers because they feel that the newspapers did not carry his statements more prominently enough.
And this is just this year 2016 alone.

Even stranger is that your freedom of speech is taken away and they personally insult you and you are called a traitor only when you criticize them or expose their scandals. 
But when a prominent DAP member insults an entire country when he insist that “South China Sea belongs to China” or when they offend an entire community when he ask for “Malays to screw the Malays so we can watch the best show of a lifetime”, no action is taken by DAP as this is “his personal opinion and not the party’s stand”.
Also, despite repeatedly calling for it being abolished, DAP is a fan of the sedition act and have asked for its use several times when it suits their purpose.
Looking at their track-record, if DAP comes into federal power, they will probably bring back ISA.
It is a pity that the hatred for his own self has driven this former convict and charged-for-corruption Chief Minister to issue a statement to lambast his own actions on Christmas Day.

Maybe he is the Anti-Christ. You may never know.