Defence: What Have YOU Done For Your Country?

The late Major Kayamboo Chellam TUDM

The nation, especially the Royal Malaysian Air Force, said goodbye to one of its finest, Major Kayamboo Chellam TUDM who perished in an accident involving the aircraft he captained at the Butterworth Airbase.

He died on his 45th birthday.

The recently retired Chief of the RMAF, General Tan Sri Dato Sri Roslan bin Saad TUDM found it alarming that the non-Malays are staying away from joining the RMAF

In a September interview, General Roslan invited more non-Malays to join the RMAF.

The late Major Kayamboo was among the non-Malays who make up the five to ten percent of the RMAF’s total strength of 15,000.

Both he and his severely injured co-pilot Captain Wai Lik, also a non-Malay, decided to serve the nation when many prefer to condemn the country on a daily basis.

Minister of Defence Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein visiting Captain Wai Lik TUDM at the Seberang Jaya Hospital. He is flanked by the Chief of RMAF General Dato Sri Hj Affendi bin Buang TUDM and Chief of Defence Forces General Tan Sri Raja Mohamed Affandi bin Raja Mohamed Noor. Captain Wai Lik’s father is in red.

In fact, Captain Wai Lik’s father proudly said:

“Forget about serving for the country if you cannot die for the country.”

So what excuse do you have when all you do daily is to whine about but never serve the nation?