An Amnesiac Ass

The above is a cover of Lim Kit Siang’s 1983 book on the BMF scandal that involved the Mahathir administration.

The scandal must have been so damning that it warranted a book written of the accounts.

And in the age of the Internet you can find at least ten works of Lim Kit Siang that are related to the BMF scandal.

Three years after the publication of the above book, Lim Kit Siang published another one! So important was the BMF scandal that he had to publish another to keep the public informed of the scandal.

Three Bank Negara governors resigned within a span of 13 years beginning with Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Taha in 1985 who cited disagreement with Mahathir’s administration on lending policies.

His successor the late Tan Sri Jaafar Hussein resigned in the wake of a massive RM15 billion foreign exchange loss suffered by the bank in defending the ringgit.

Finally Tan Sri Ahmad Mohd Don resigned in 1998 over differences with Mahathir on monetary policies.

I am sure Lim Kit Siang hasn’t forgotten the above events. He even called for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to be set up despite the Ahmad Nordin Commission completing its inquiry.

The BMF scandal was so important to Lim Kit Siang because unlike the 1MDB, billions of public funds meant for the betterment of the people, the Bumiputera in particular, disappeared and we have all been told to just “let it slide.”

Some may say that I am inaccurate but since when have my detractors had any attention for accuracies? They prefer to believe rubbish like the Sarawak Report than actual published audited documents.

That is just a sign of desperation. Now a 30-year old CIA document has exposed the undoing of the Malaysian economy by a certain dictator-like leader.

This is not an exposé by the likes of myself. We are only highlighting, as Kit Siang said, nothing new. We are just jogging the memory of Lim Kit Siang and informing those who were too young to remember this scandal as well as those idealists who were born after the event.

I know Lim Kit Siang remembers everything but chose to pretend being an amnesiac ass just to fulfill his political ambitions.

And it matters not if the rakyat’s interest should take precedence because to him we are all pawns in his political game.