Amanah But Lying

AMANAH blames the school holidays for the poor turnout

Last Saturday’s poor turnout at the Anti-Kleptocracy/Save Malaysia event organised by Pakatan Harapan is proof that the masses are already jaded with the style of politics that the Pakatan has to offer.

Despite lining up old dinosaurs like Emperor Lim Kit Siang and U-Turn Mahathir, Pakatan only got 8,000 attendees at the peak of the event according to a post by Malaysiakini made just after the event ended at 11pm that night.

As usual, Pakatan sought the help of DAP’s Excel experts to count the number of attendees but Malaysiakini was wiser

That makes the attendance at 8 percent of the intended target, and 0.027 percent of the total population – and yet they claim that they represent the rakyat.

Even former partner PAS took a swipe at the event noting just 1,500 attended.

PAS is even more vicious

This underscores the dwindling support as presented by me in my previous post NO HARAPAN.

Pakatan’s spin machinery, this time led by former PAS member Salahuddin Ayub, claims that the school holidays and Deepavali break had contributed to the extremely poor turnout at the event.

The rally did not achieve the goal of gathering 100,000 people. Perhaps (this could be due to) the rally happening during the school holiday and Deepavali season. So many people would be on holiday,” he said.

This is despite having the champions of rallies, Ambiga and Maria “Isteri Nabi” Chin sitting on the stage alongside the Pakatan giants.

Back in those days not so long ago, Pakatan’s NGO BERSIH was able to muster 80,000 demonstrators for the BERSIH 3.0 rally which was held on 28 April 2017, a Saturday, and many even took the Monday off because Tuesday was Labour Day holiday – a definite long weekend for many.

BERSIH 4.0 which was held on the 29 and 30 August 2015, another long weekend Hari Kebangsaan holiday, saw 100,000 demonstrators attending.  That number dropped to 40,000 during BERSIH 5.0.

However, there were three real winners during last Saturday’s event.  The first  winner being the LRT.  Majority of the attendees arrived there by LRT, a small number were ferried into Petaling Jaya from other states by Pakatan in buses paid by them.

The second winners were the two A&W outlets there, one is the old Drive-In outlet, while the other is a smaller one located at Shah Motel or whatever that it is being called now.

The third winners are the kleptocrats themselves, led by KleptoKutty himself.   While talking about the BN stealing money from the rakyat, the seasoned kleptocrats managed to con the rakyat by stealing a total of RM68,329 to finance their pockets.

Kleptocracy at its best

Well done, kleptocrats! At least you can con people off their money without even getting into Putrajaya. God knows what you would do if you ever get there.

But, we haven’t forgotten what KleptoKutty did when he was there for 22 years.

Ah So Wants Police To Wipe Her Arse After She Craps

The Grand Ah-So from BERSIH wants police to stop political violence

Maria China Abdullah, the Grand Ah-So of BERSIH, has spoken out against the silence of the country’s leaders on the recent political violence involving solely Parti Pemecah Belah Melayu (PPBM) members.

She said that this is the first time that Malaysia is experiencing such political violence because the country’s leadership refuses to say anything.  She also added that the Inspector-General of Police and the Home Minister must take a drastic stand to stop political violence.

My guess is this somewhat non-halal Khadijah binti Khuwaylid wanna-be is the kind of mother who would blame the teachers at a PTA meeting for her children’s unruly behaviour and expects the teachers to bring her children up while she spends her time doing her nails and playing Candy Crush.

And I don’t know when, in recent times, did she get off the steamship from England (she was born in England in 1956) that she does not know the history of political violence in Malaysia.  Maybe I ought to share with her some of my writings to show who has been advocating political violence and is now using others to do so for him.

Less than two years before the 13 May 1969 tragedy happened, a Hartal protest in Pulau Pinang ended up as a racial clash that saw 27 dead and 137 people injured.

Violence erupted at a PPBM event in Shah Alam last week after pro-Mahathir supporters threw chairs to stop sensitive questions being posed to the ancient estateman

Last weekend’s violence at the EVERYTHING TUN HIDE event organised by PPBM erupted when PPBM members themselves started throwing chairs at Wan Muhammad Ashraf Nasjamuddin, PPBM Shah Alam’s Logistics and Security Chief to prevent him from asking Mahathir any question.  Prior to Wan Muhammad Ashraf, Taufik Abas who is a former PPBM AMANDA’s exco asked Mahathir about his involvement and thoughts on the Memali massacre that had occured during Mahathir’s premiership.

Taufik had earlier told reporters that he was the target of the troublemakers as they were angry with him for asking the question.  He said that there was no way the chairs were aimed at Mahathir as the stage was quite a distance from where the chair was thrown.

Wan Muhammad Ashraf said it was supposed to be his turn to ask a question after Taufik Abas, who had asked Tun about Memali. But before he got a chance to, a chair was flung towards him and landed right in front of him. Another steel chair was also thrown towards him from an upper floor by an organising committee member.

“The chairs were not aimed at Tun at all, as Tun was seated far away. I believe this was a tactic to prevent me from directing questions to Tun Dr Mahathir,” he told reporters.

You can see the video of the chair-throwing incident here and judge for yourself:

Remember how the PKR party elections in Selangor in 2014 ended?

PKR Kuala Langat elections in 2014 turned violent? BN’s fault?
A victim of the PKR Kuala Langat election violence. Did BN supporters do this to him?

And what about the PKR Kota Raja election? Was BN involved too?

But of course, Maria China Abdullah puts the onus on others to stop the violent acts.  Since when is the police or the government responsible for stopping people from becoming violent? Are they untrained animals who cannot think for themselves that they need cattle prods to keep them in check?

Or would Maria China Abdullah like to return to the days of Mahathir where the police was given powers to make pre-emptive actions to stop violence and lock people away without any chance of a fair trial?

And see whose children are these who have been behaving in violent manner without any respect for the rule of law?

BERSIH mob attacking a police car
BERSIH mob – human beings or violent animals?

And if Maria China Abdullah would care to read the Peaceful Assembly Act, 2012, she would know that the responsibility to provide security and safety of gatherings lie on the organisers of the event, and not the police.  Perhaps she would like the Federal Reserve Unit to be stationed inside the event hall and bludgeon the empty heads that are present whenever there is a hint of violence.

I don’t thin Maria China Abdullah is even fit to become a parent because she cannot control her own. She should just sit down at the Hou Keng Restaurant with PKR mongrel Tian Chua and have plates of Tomato Sauce Pork Chop Rice like the “Prophet’s Wife” her followers claim her to be.

Ho Sek at Hou Keng
Have some Roasted Pork Beancurd Claypot, Prophet’s Wife

So Maria China Abdullah, when are you going to ask the Opposition leaders to denounce political violence? Or do you still expect the police to wipe your arse after you crap?


Tan Bang Ang Dan MB Johor

ADUN Mengkibol, Tan Hong Pin semalam dengan bangganya mendakwa bahawa Menteri Besar Johor, Khaled Nordin, tinggal bersama-sama 13 orang pengundi lain di sebuah rumah kedai di Masai, Johor.

Menurut Malaysiakini, daftar pemilih bagi suku ketiga 2016 yang merekodkan pertukaran alamat pemilih oleh Khaled dan anaknya Akmal Saufi ke lokasi di atas.

Daftar pemilih bagi suku berikutnya mencatatkan 12 lagi individu turut disenaraikan kepada alamat yang sama.

Jika daftar pemilih itu diwartakan, maka akan ada 14 orang, termasuk MB dan anaknya, didaftarkan sebagai pengundi di alamat itu,” kata ADUN DAP itu.

Ia adalah antara ratusan butiran pengundi yang didakwa mencurigakan yang dikemukakan oleh Tan kepada Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Johor, hari ini.

Menurut Tan, alamat yang dipersoalkan ialah ibu pejabat Umno bahagian Pasir Gudang di alamat 1, Jalan Tembusu, Taman Rinting.

Lantas saya membuat pemeriksaan ringkas kerana mungkin Tan dilahirkan tidak cukup sifat dan tiada daya pemikiran untuk membuat pemeriksaan ringkas dan mudah menggunakan Internet.

Saya mendapati bahawa alamat yang konon-kononnya mencurigakan Tan itu adalah lokasi Pejabat UMNO Bahagian Pasir Gudang.

Inilah rumah kedai mencurigakan Tan Bang Ang
Inilah rumah kedai mencurigakan Tan Bang Ang
Saya akan lebih teruja sekiranya terdapat para pengundi yang berdaftar di dua lokasi pengundian berbeza yang boleh dicapai dalam masa kurang lapan jam.  Ini bermakna sekiranya beliau boleh mengikis kulit jari untuk menghilangkan dakwat kekal selepas mengundi di lokasi pertama, beliau boleh pergi ke lokasi kedua mungkin di sebuah negeri berjiranan untuk mengundi kali kedua.

Saya lebih tertarik dengan suatu perkara yang pernah diajukan kepada Ambiga dan rakan-rakan sebelum Pilihanraya Umum Ke-13 pada tahun 2013 di mana dua orang pemimpin pembangkang berdaftar sebagai pengundi MENGGUNAKAN ALAMAT RUMAH SEORANG AHLI UMNO!


Seperti yang tertera dalam Tweet di atas bertarikh 16hb April 2013 (sebelum Pilihanraya Umum Ke-13), Dato Zaiful Ayu Ibrahim, anak kepada Tan Sri Dr Ibrahim bin Saad, meminta tolong Ambiga, BERSIH 2 dan Nurul Izzah menyiasat bagaimana dua orang pengundi hantu bernama Wan Azizah binti Wan Ismail dan Anwar bin Ibrahim boleh berdaftar di rumah keluarganya di Permatang Pauh sedangkan keluarganya secara keseluruhan merupakan penyokong tegar UMNO di kawasan Parlimen tersebut.

Apabila saya memeriksa senarai pengundi berdaftar terkini bertarikh 27hb September 2016, saya dapati kedua-dua pengundi hantu tersebut masih berdaftar sebagai pengundi di alamat tersebut!

Pengundi-pengundi hantu masih wujud di Permatang Pauh
Pengundi-pengundi hantu masih wujud di Permatang Pauh
Tidak menghairankanlah jika Tan tidak teliti dalam perkara seperti ini. Beliau pernah dirujuk ke Jawatankuasa Hak dan Kebebasan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Johor atas alasan membawa masuk orang luar tanpa kebenaran ke dalam dewan persidangan.

Apabila mendapat sedikit kuasa menjadi ADUN, Tan berlagak seolah-olah Dewan Undangan Negeri Johor itu DAP yang punya.  Teringat saya kepada suatu perumpamaan lama dalam tentera, “Seperti Red Indian mendapat senapang.”  Habis kesemuanya di tembak termasuk langit.

Sekiranya Tan kurang kebangangannya, beliau akan membantu SPR mencari senarai orang yang tidak layak mengundi dan orang yang telah mati yang masih tersenarai sebagai pengundi.  Setakat berdaftar di rumah kedai tidaklah seteruk orang kuat PKR dan Ketua Anus Usus Umum Pakatan berdaftar di rumah orang kuat UMNO sekurang-kurangnya untuk dua pilihanraya umum dan dua pilihanraya kecil di tempat yang sama.

Malangnya, semasa waktu bantahan untuk Rang Daftar Pemilih suku tahunan diberikan, dia tidak membantah. Kini baru beliau hendak timblkan syak wasangka.

 Menurut Seksyen 9A Akta Pilihan Raya 1958, mana-mana daftar pemilih yang telah diwartakan tidak boleh dicabar di mana-mana mahkamah.

Saya yakin, contohnya di Selangor di mana Shah Alam merupakan kawasan majoriti Melayu, kini mempunyai ramai pengundi berbangsa Cina dipindahkan di situ.  Saya tidak menuduh sesiapa tetapi perhatikanlah kemungkinan berlakunya pertambahan pengundi berdaftar berbangsa Cina di kawasan Setia Alam yang kini di bawah Parlimen Shah Alam, dan lihat akan penurunan jumlah pengundi berdaftar di kawasan-kawasan di mana DAP menang dengan majoriti yang besar – sebagai contoh, Parlimen Seputeh di mana majoritinya melebihi 50,000.  Kemungkinan ada perpindahan kawasan mengundi bagi sebilangan mereka.

Kemungkinan juga ada 23 orang pengundi di setiap rumah kedai di situ.

Boleh Tan Bang Ang periksa?

Tan Bang Ang
Tan Bang Ang

Maria Chin Ibarat Isteri Nabi

Maria Chin Abdullah telahpun dibebaskan dari tahanan polis setelah 10 hari ditahan di bawah SOSMA.

Semasa beliau ditahan, beliau telah ditemui pihak SUHAKAM dan telah meminta beberapa perkara untuk beliau perolehi semasa di dalam tahanan, termasuk senaskah Al-Quran.

Beliau juga telah disamakan dengan isteri Rasulullah SAW kerana mengumpul dana untuk menentang kezaliman kerajaan. Sudah tentu balu ‘Tuan Guru’ Yunus Ali ini layak diberi penghormatan tersebut.

Begitulah Maria Chin Abdullah digambarkan sebagai seorang Muslim yang sejati, termasuk dalam suatu gambar yang menunjukkan beliau membawa sehelai ‘sejadah‘ walaupun tanpa telekung.

Setelah Maria dibebaskan, beliau diraikan oleh penggigit kuat Parti Keldaian Rakyat, Tian Chua di sebuah restoran terkemuka yang mempunyai beberapa cawangan di negeri Selangor.

Betapa gembiranya heroine Muslim ini dapat menjamu hidangan yang lazat di Restoran Hou Keng.

Mungkin disebabkan beliau seorang yang beragama Islam berketurunan Cina maka beliau rindukan masakan Cina. Sudah tentu Restoran Hou Keng ini tidak menyediakan masakan-masakan yang haram, dan berstatus pork-free.

Adakah begitu hakikatnya?

Berikut adalah menu Restoran Hou Keng:

Anda boleh click di gambar-gambar tersebut untuk zoom in dengan lebih dekat makanan-makanan yang dibulatkan.


Maria Chin Abdullah tidak boleh disamakan taraf dengan Siti Khadijah R.A. Siti Khadijah tidak makan babi dan tidak mengumpul dana untuk menjatuhkan sebuah kerajaan sebuah negara yang mendokong Islam, yang dipimpin oleh seorang yang beragama Islam.

Suami beliau juga bukan ‘Tuan Guru‘ seperti yang diwar-warkan. Sungguhpun berjuang untuk PLO, namun PLO mempunyai satu pergerakan militan di masa suami beliau berada di sana yang diberi nama al-Jabhah al-Sha’biyyah li Tahrir Filastin atau Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

PFLP adalah gerakan militan PLO yang sekukar dan memegang ideologi Marxist-Leninist. Malah Fatah, kumpulan politik terbesar di bawah PLO juga adalah berfahaman sekular.

Janganlah kita menunggang agama hanya untuk menghalalkan sesuatu yang tidak sepatutnya.

Saya telah terangkan betapa sesatnya mereka yang menghalalkan demonstrasi untuk menggulingkan sesebuah kerajaan. 

Sesungguhnya, Maria Chin hanyalah keldai tunggangan George Soros dalam misinya untuk menawan dunia secara halus – dan kini menggunakan Islam untuk menghancurkan Islam sambil bangsa lain tepuk tawa.

Berdemonstrasi Itu Sifat Khawarij

Kerajaan bersifat zalim – dan itulah modal yang dihamburkan setiap hari bagi menghasut rakyat bangkit menentang kerajaan yang ada.

Ada yang menyamakan kebangkitan orang Melayu menentang pentadbiran British pada tahun 1946 dengan demonstrasi BERSIH. Malah ada juga organisasi bukan kerajaan (NGO) yang bertopengkan Islam yang menyamakan perbuatan Rasulullah SAW membebaskan kota Makkah dengan demonstrasi BERSIH menentang korupsi, kezaliman dan penindasan. Ini adalah merupakan suatu fitnah terhadap Rasulullah SAW.

Pertamanya, pada tahun 1946, kebangkitan orang Melayu menentang pentadbiran Malayan Union jelmaan British adalah di atas arahan para pemimpin orang Melayu itu sendiri untuk mempertahankan kedudukan agama Islam, raja-raja Melayu Islam, dan tanah air dari penindasan dan penjajahan kafir.

Keduanya, pembukaan Kota Makkah (Fathu Makkah) oleh Rasulullah SAW adalah sebahagian dari peperangan tentera Islam yang berpusat di Madinah menentang Bani Quraisy Jahiliyah dan membersihkan Kaabah dari patung berhala dan segala perbuatan syirik.

Rasulullah SAW bukannya bersekongkol dengan Kafir Quraisy untuk menjatuhkan Islam. Jauh sekali bekerjasama dengan puak-puak berikut untuk menjatuhkan pemimpin beragama Islam:

Apabila menyebut perkataan zalim saya nak bertanyakan beberapa soalan:

  1. Zalimnya kerajaan Malaysia adakah para Raja Melayu dan Perdana Menteri telah meninggalkan syiar Islam dan mengisytiharkan diri mereka kafir?
  2. Adakah masjid-masjid yang diperintahkan tutup atau dirobohkan?
  3. Adakah mana-mana orang Islam yang ditangkap atau dilarang dari melakukan sebarang bentuk ibadah?
  4. Adakah mana-mana orang yang mati atau kebuluran akibat kemiskinan?

Saya yakin yang paling hampir boleh dijawab adalah solan saya yang No.4. Namun kerajaan telah menyediakan pusat-pusat pungutan zakat. Kemiskinan dalam masyarakat adalah merupakan masalah Fardhu Kifayah. Sekiranya masyarakat sekeliling gagal melaporkan mana-mana anggota masyarakat yang layak yang memerlukan bantuan maka kesalahan itu terjatuh di atas bahu masyarakat tersebut.

Sekiranya tiada sesiapa di kalangan masyarakat tersebut membantu menghantar makanan kepada orang yang memerlukan dan meletakkan beban tersebut di bahu kerajaan sebab “makanan aku untuk keluarga aku sahaja” maka orang itu yang menanggung dosa membiarkan anggota masyarakatnya menderita.

Firman Allah SWT:

“Wahai orang-orang yang beriman, taatilah Allah dan taatilah Rasul dan para pemimpin di kalangan kamu.” (an-Nisaa’ 59)

Sabda Rasulullah SAW:

  1. Sesiapa yang taat kepada pemimpin maka dia telah taat kepadaku. Dan sesiapa yang derhaka kepada pemimpin maka dia telah derhaka kepada aku (Bukhari 2957)
  2. Kamu wajib patuh dan setia walau dalam keadaan susah atau senang, suka atau duka, dan walaupun merugikan kepentingan mu (Muslim 1836)
  3. Sesiapa yang dipimpin oleh seorang pemimpin lalu dia melihat pemimpinnya berbuat maksiat kepda Allah, maka hendaklah dia membenci perbuatannya namun jangan dia lepaskan ketaatan kepadanya (Muslim 1855).

Selagi pemimpin itu tidak syirik kepada Allah, menentang agama Islam, maka wajib kita mentaatinya.

Pada tahun 2015, kerajaan telah memperuntukkan RM488 juta untuk memakmurkan masjid di seluruh negara. Jika ini satu kezaliman, maka tentanglah kerajaan.

Dalam Bajet 2017 yang dibentangkan baru-baru ini, sebanyak RM30 juta telah diperuntukkan untuk melahirkan tahfiz yang berdaya saing dalam pasaran pekerjaan melalui Dasar Pendidikan Tahfiz.

Malah 1MDB yang menjadi bahan kutukan warga kota selama ini jugalah entiti yang telah memperluaskan dan menjadikan Masjid Kampung Baru suatu tempat beribadah yang amat selesa untuk mereka-mereka yang mengutuk 1MDB menunaikan solat mengurangkan dosa kemunafikan mereka sendiri.

Soalan saya, kenapa berdemo dengan mereka-mereka yang ingin menyesatkan dan mengkafirkan umat Islam di negara ini?  Saya sendiri pernah duduk bertanya kepada mereka-mereka yang telah dimurtadkan oleh golongan ini.

Sekiranya anda tidak puas hati dengan apa yang telah dilakukan oleh kerajaan, atau bencikan kerajaan hanya disebabkan beg tangan Rosmah, maka apabila tiba masa mengundi, undilah pihak lawan. Dan jangan berikan saya alasan bahawa sistem pilihanraya kita tidak adil. Kalau tidak adil dan berpihakkan kerajaan Barisan Nasional, masakan DAP boleh mentadbir Pulau Pinang dan Selangor (menerusi boneka mereka – PKR)?

Tepuk dahi tanya diri: aku nak ikut agama atau telunjuk kafir?

Mari sama-sama kita hayati video yang telah dikongsi oleh Dr Aznil Hisham berikut:

The Pleb Versus The Noblemen

Whoever is familiar with the study of the Constitution would know Walter Bagehot, an editor, economist and political analyst who also wrote a book called ‘The English Constitution.’  There is one apposite quote of his that I thought befits the current situation and that is:

Nothing is more unpleasant that a virtuous person with a mean mind.”

The above quote refers to that man who claims to be virtuous but really is the epitome of evil; so evil that Pharaohs would have sought help from God’s Prophets to free them from this person – Mahathir Mohammad.

We have had noblemen leading this country, shining a light upon the path in which this nation walks even through its darkest hour.  Tunku Abdul Rahman was the son of the 25th Sultan of Kedah, Almarhum Sultan Abdul Hamid.  Tun Abdul Razak was the son of the 9th Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar of Pahang, Dato Hussein bin Mohd Taib.  Tun Hussein Onn was the son of UMNO founder, Dato Onn Jaafar who was the Menteri Besar of Johor.

I was priveleged some time back to a chat with Professor Anthony Milner, a researcher from the Australian National University, an Emeritus Professor, School of Culture, History & Language of the ANU, on the topic of the Malays.  We were discussing the origin of the Malays and the ‘Rajas Melayu.’  Interesting to note that our paths converged when we both agreed that the Malays refer to a collection of people of the Nusantara spanning from the borders of Polynesia and Melanesia to Sumatra, who pledged allegiance to the Rajas whose respective dominions were all that they could survey.  It was only when political boundaries were defined in a clearer manner that the Malays were defined according to the nation that they lived in.

The antonym of a nobleman would be a commoner.  The fourth Prime Minister was not born into the aristocracy like his predecessors, or a prominent religious family like his successor.  In short, I would term him a pleb: a low-born, uncultured, coarse, rude, undistinguished – and a personal favourite: scum.  His grandfather, Iskander Kutty hailed from the southern Indian state of Kerala.  His father was from Pulau Pinang, a school principal.

Mahathir had nothing to show. He had nothing compared to his predecessors.  This probably shaped the way he managed this country: through the rule of iron fist, autocratic, dictatorial, enriching cronies and nipotes to prepare him for the end of days. A man who has nothing has nothing to lose.  Therefore, it was always his way, or the highway.  He had this habit of making enemies everywhere, including the members of the royal households. And as James A Baldwin once said, The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.”

One would have thought that this nonagenarian would spend the twilight moments of his miserable life repenting for the wrongs he had done, alas no!  His perfervid hatred for the man who stands in between him and his undying ambition to ensure that his family would be remembered as an aristocratic bunch rather than the descendants of the evil-smelling Kutty whom had just gotten out of the stowage of a slave ship, has caused him to make a reciprocal turn on all his words, often filled with delusional tales to cloud the minds of those too young to remember anything bad about him. He has nothing to lose.

In 1867, Bagehot asserted in ‘The English Constitution‘ that the Constitution needed two parts: the dignified – to excite and preserve the reverence of the population’ and the other, the efficient – to ‘employ that homage in the work of government’. The monarch was the prime example of dignity in this sense and the Prime Minister and his cabinet of efficiency.  Therefore, the monarch, while lacking executive power, had an important constitutional role.

But in 1993, Mahathir, being a pleb and an undignified one too, decided to encroach into the realm of the dignified. Mahathir amended the Federal Constitution with the aim of removing legal immunity of the royalty.The amendments were made at a time when the Malaysian monarchy witnessed a deteriorating relationship with the government (specifically Mahathir). Before the amendments were made, the Constitution granted rulers who have violated the law not to be prosecuted by the criminal court unless he voluntarily wishes to surrender his legal immunity.

This laid the royalty bare and are now subjected to public scrutiny, bringing the royalty and monarchy close to becoming irrelevant.  As a result, members of the royalty have been seen to assiduously court public opinion after prolonged years of subservience to Mahathir’s rule (Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid, Muhamad Takiyuddin Ismail (2013)).

Mahathir had nothing to lose. These were the Rajas Melayu. He need not show any allegiance to anything Malay as he is not truly one.  UMNO was just a vehicle for him to have power in order to make riches.  When UMNO went against him he had UMNO declared illegal in 1988. Then he created a new UMNO where playing fields were no longer level and he had automatic nominations as the President of UMNO.  What is UMNO to him but just another Malay institution where he, the soupçon Malay felt no allegiance to.

Finally, the Sultan of Johor told Mahathir to shut up.  Not once, but twice.


And Mahathir is never concerned about the people of Malaysia. Politics, to him, is what serves only him. Therefore, his call for the people to overthrow the government is a total reciprocal from his way of dealing with demonstrations against him during his premiership.  And how was it during his time?

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-23-07-27 screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-23-07-54

During his time, when people demonstrated against him, he appealed to the participants to use the ballot box to bring about their desired reform.  What is his stand now?  He incites people to force change undemocratically!

You can watch a video to see how Mahathir had Anwar Ibrahim arrested and the way he had the police to handle those who demonstrated against him when he was the Prime Minister.

As Lord Acton wrote in his letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton on the 5th April 1887:

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

And in the case of Mahathir he is not just a bad man, but a pleb and a scum.

Much Ado About Nothing

I remember waking up on a Sunday, 9th March 2008 it was, thinking how different life would be thenceforth.  The Barisan Alternatif, the precursor to the now-defunct Pakatan Rakyat had managed to wrestle the state of Srlangor where I live from the clutches of the Barisan Nasional, which also lost three other states, Pulau Pinang, Perak and Kedah.  It was a situation difficult to fathom but I though to myself the voters had spoken and that the Barisan Alternatif had won these states fair and square and that democracy works.

Just four months before that, the Gabungan Pilihanraya Bersih dan Adil (BERSIH) organised a rally demanding the clean-up of the electoral roll, use of indelible ink, abolition of the postal voting for military and police personnel, and free and fair access to the mass media for all political parties. Between 10,000 to 50,000 protesters attended the rally.  On that note, the victory of the Barisan Alternatif in the four states underscored the fact that the election system and principle of democracy work in Malaysia.

Since then, BERSIH has seen their numbers dwindling.  BERSIH 2.0 saw between 10,000 to 20,000 people attending this rally.  BERSIH 3.0 again saw about 20,000 people attending while BERSH 4.0 saw between 29,000 to a peak of 50,000 people attending.  With over 13 million registered voters in Malaysia those who attended the BERSIH rallies made up on 0.38 percent of the total number of voters – hardly a significant number.

Prinumi founder, Mahathir Mohammad, attended BERSIH 4.0, and declared his support for the movement.  This is funny considering that when he was that capricious potentate for 22 years, he banned all protests and assemblies and locked away those who opposed him without any chance of a trial.

In an effort to bring Najib Razak down, Mahathir undertook an effort to get the people to sign his Deklarasi Rakyat and in May of this year declared that the declaration had gotten the signature of 1.27 million individuals.  This is a significant number since it represented 9.77 percent of the number of total voters in Malaysia.

It was funny that Mahathir had chosen to make a grand entrance to join the BERSIH 5.0 participants – using a private jet. For someone whose battle cry include the fight against GST and rising cost of living,  blaming government austerity drive for all that, he surely knows how to show those whom he lead the meaning of prudent spending.

Here comes the Grump
Here comes the Grump
One would have thought that with Mahathir’s participation, at least a million people would flood the streets of Kuala Lumpur, but that never materialised.  only 15,500 participants attended the rally. That was all that Mahathir could muster – a meagre 31 percent of the previous BERSIH attendees.  This is because people could see how big a hypocrite Mahathir is, and many stayed away because of his support.

Mahathir should realise that people can see through his lies and know better than to join in the farcical struggle to fight corruption.  After all, he is the Father of Corruption.  I did not say that. Anwar Ibrahim did.  And Mahathir fighting against corruption is as hypocritical as having Lim Guan Eng, who has been charged in court for corruption, join BERSIH to fight corruption.

Let us face it. The only way to change a government democratically is through the ballot box. The 2008 and 2013 General Elections have proven so. Why demonstrate when it is much ado about nothing?

The Swedish Kroni

BERSIH seems to have changed their tactic to get the support of the masses from having sexy girls wearing their t-shirt to having an old man donning the latest t-shirt.

For all the hype that Mahathir’s done in support of his friends at BERSIH, the fossil will not be attending the rally on Saturday. Instead, he will be flying off to Sweden. And it won’t be the first time that he leaves the country after causing something bad.

19th November will also be the 31st anniversary of the Memali tragedy. Mahathir left the country a few days after that while his then-deputy Musa Hitam took all the flak for the mishandling of the event.

But why Sweden?

I found this. Perhaps he’s gone to get outside help again to run this country down.

When God Is Not Lord

Oh! Here goes a Muslim trying to teach Christians about Christianity. I don’t see the wrong in doing so when I see Christians in the form of DAP politicians quoting the Quran teaching Muslims what ‘true Islam’ is. They even do so within mosques and suraus.
I was reading the Malaysia Outlook’s article on a Catholic activist telling Catholics to stay away from the BERSIH gathering on the 19th November 2016. The activist, Joseph Sta Maria has irked fellow Catholics by asking them to refrain from participating in Saturday’s gathering. Among the condemnations against Joseph include the following:

I find it amusing that some people think that Catholicism was borne out of politics. It wasn’t. Catholicism is the earliest form of Christianity that predates the First Council of Nicaea by 325 years! Followers of Jesus of Nazareth believes that Jesus is the son of God which is part if the Trinity concept. After Jesus was crucified and rose from the date, he appointed Peter as the leader, hence the very first Pope.

Joseph Sta Maria is the head of the Melaka Portuguese Community and was appointed as a representative of minority ethnic communities under the state Barisan Nasional’s social service unit (Pembela), an effort by Malacca Chief Minister Idris Haron to address the needs, and include the views, of minority communities.

Mixing religion with politics started when Anthony Bernard Paul, the Bishop for Melaka and Johor, openly made a statement in support of BERSIH.

The call by Bernard Paul for Christians to participate in the BERSIH rally invited the criticism by Parti Cinta Malaysia’s Vice President Huan Cheng Guan.

As a Bishop, said Huan, Bernard should focus more on church matters rather than meddling into political matters that were irrelevant to religion.

Don’t bring religion into politics. It’s unwarranted. I think this is a half past six Bishop. Why urge the people to participate in Bersih rally?”
A religious figure like him should not encourage the public to go for demonstration or rally. A highly respected religious figure, but he talks like an idiot,” blasted Huan.
I personally find Bernard Paul’s calling as an invitation to anarchy. He gave his reasons for his support of BERSIH which goes along the thinking of Christian supporters if gun rights in the US and Christians might wrongly twist these into excuses for disrespect and disobedience to authorities which is forbidden by God as given in the Bible.

“Every person is to be in the subjection of the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those in exist are eatablished by God.” (Romans 13:1)

The commandment is addressed to all mankind, without exception. Every person is included in this instruction—both believers and unbelievers. Every person is required to be in subjection to the governing authorities. Subjection certainly includes obedience, but it implies even more. Subjection focuses on the spirit or attitude of the individual, which leads to obedience. It recognizes an authority over us to which we are obliged to give not only our obedience but our respect. Whether democratic or autocratic, heathen or God-fearing, every government which has the power to rule over its people has been granted that power and authority by God.

Therefore he who resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves.

Of course there would still be thise Christians who would believe in Bernard Paul’s calling to the BERSIH rally more than God’s Bible. Given that Christians like Tony Pua, Hannah Yeoh and a few others who continue to lie despite calling themselves Christians, how many Christians actually believe in the Bible?

And how many would remember 2Corinthians 11:14?

“And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”

He Is Human? Right!

Of late, I am often spoilt for choice of political comedians. For example, there are several memes of Ahmad Maslan – the ‘Bingung‘ one was particularly funny. Then we have the riddle – What is a Takoyaki without balls?  The answer to that one is Sotong.

Then you have Marina Mahathir who today claimed that George Soros cares for human rights.

I am sure George Soros is philanthropic as well as humane. Therefore, I would agree to a certain point with Marina that Soros indeed cares for human rights.

In 1997-98, Soros the human rights defender went on a full frontal assault against the Malaysian Ringgit. Even Marina’s father agreed explicitly to this.

What Soros did was to try bring down old Mahathir whom during his premiership incarcerated his opponents without trial. In a Human Rights Watch reported dated some time in 2001, Mahathir was reported to have detained thousands without trial, and at the time of writing there were 105 ISA detainees in the Kamunting Detention Centre.

Soros is a very generous person. Through his Open Society Institute he had given generously to both the colour revolution in Eastern Europe as well as the Arab Springs of North Africa and the Middle East. Since then 65,000 people have been killed in Syria; 435,000 are internally displaced in Libya while 2.5 million have left the country through migration or by becoming refugees; about 2,000 died in Egypt. Soros has also been funding the Opposition and Opposition-friendly organisations such as BERSIH and Malaysiakini (where a director is also a former Soros employee) – perhaps for a Malaysia-spring.

I did not make those figures up the way Rafizi, Tony Pua and Syed Saddiq would. You can see them for yourselves HERE .

Therefore, you must also remember when Soros attacked the Asian financial systems in 1997 and 1998 he also caused the deaths of thousands in Asia – all died in misery after wallowing in mental pain and total despair.

So Marina, Soros is NOT a champion for human rights. He is just interested to see the world spins the way he wants it to – much like your father, only on a global scale. They both have their caprices.

I hope you will find a better joke the next time, Marina. It has been a delightful afternoon. If you can’t find a better joke then just remain as one.

Oh! If only you could now see my face all lit up with impish glee!