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Go Buy A Flask If You Have Time To Blog

Posted on: April 23, 2008

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Thermos flask

Thermos vacuum flasks.

Handy stuff.

I remember the old thermos flasks that used cork as cover. Flowery, very Made-In-China stuff. After a few hours, the hot water inside turns cold. Nevertheless, those things worked while better insulation methods were being experimented. Until that happened, we were all at the mercy of very fragile thermos flasks that had this condom-thin glass tubing inside that breaks everytime the thermos falls and hits the ground.

I used to carry one to the office. It would be filled with either of my favourite soups: mushroom, minestrone, asparagus – of course I cannot put in French Onion soup, which is another favourite of mine.

Nisaa broke one the other day. I guess I will have to buy a new one. As busy as I may seem nowadays, I make time to buy flasks. It doesn’t take long: only slightly longer than blogging, and even longer than a short call to ask a friend how he/she is doing; and definitely longer than having to call other people to tell them I’ll be needing my flask because it is a symbolic ritual of this new flask religion I am embracing.

So, go buy a flask, people. It’s cheap, and you don’t have to harrass other people by calling them for one.

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ahahahahahahah! my insides hurt so bad fr laughing!!

Bukan ke ko nak courier je bendalah tu?

Call me if you need the courier man’s number!

Gem…you wanna waste money meh?

You used to carry one to the office SD? Oh gosh. What a wuss.

Flasks are for wusses.

Can always borrow some monehh from Cik Ayu…

Jazzy…yeah…what to do..and it’s this wuss you ride at night :p

Gem..ya lah…she got cash cow she can milk from. Must be the funny water he drinks 😉

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