DSA08 – Day Two

Another day, same place, same stuff. This time Forlorn Soldier and I have had a good talk with Peter after the show ended, and with Amit (an Adnan Khashoggi in the making) at the VIP Lounge. Countloon and Mocha were there with Majors Ho and Joshua. I bumped into so many seniors and squadmates who have either left the service, or are still serving; as well as some immediate juniors. Boy, even without hair, and 20 kilos more, I still look younger than they do.

Briefing Laksmana Tan Sri Ramlan
Briefing the outgoing Chief of the Navy

I wanna buy one of this so I will have no problem parking and going through the jam

Signing ceremony
Forlorn Soldier and his private signing ceremony…he’s gonna sign away his private

The gang
The gang came: (l to r) Mocha, Countloon, Major Ho, SeaDemon, Major Joshua

After the show, it was food and drinks time…

Nasi Ulam
Nasi Ulam

Lamb strips
Daging Kambing Bakar

Keropok berkeju
Keropok berkeju

Jus limau bergaram
Jus limau ice blended bergaram

After that session, driving back was a challenge…hehehe. Should have driven that tracked APC.