Get Well Soon, My Brother

I received a text from Oneon saying that a former colleague and a good brother of mine, Jai the Bhai, or better known as Faizal Sanusi (former Deputy Youth Chief of PKR), has been hospitalised for heart attack. He is now in CICU of the UMMC and is not allowed to receive visitors at least until tomorrow.

He was returning from KLIA with another colleague after a meeting when he had the heart attack.

Get well soon, bro. And please have good rest after you’re discharged. We still need you to attend this year’s Ramadhan’s Perjumpaan Talam 4 Muka.

Talam 4 Muka - 2007
Talam 4 Muka 7th October 2007, Uptown Mosque – Besut Stud a.k.a Ah Keong, Lan Chao, Jai the Bhai, SeaDemon