12th October

A year ago today was the last day of Ramadhan – and I spent it alone. I remember finding some meat that was three days old in the fridge, and some Ribena to drink for berbuka puasa. I even blogged about it.

I was all alone.

The next day was Hari Raya. I went to the house of the Forlorn Soldier and had something other than raya food. I almost met with an accident due to the abnormally heavy rain that saw Sungai Damansara burst its banks near TTDI Jaya (yet again). That night, my friends who do not know how to celebrate Hari Raya, and I, left for the Perhentian Islands to dive – yes, on hari raya.

I don’t remember where I dived, but I remember diving at Tukun Laut, Sugar Wreck, and near Pasir Tani in a storm looking for seahorses.

Me at Sugar Wreck - taken by Deepblu
Me, at Sugar Wreck – taken by Deepblu

On the way back from Sugar Wreck
On the way back from Sugar Wreck with Jasmine, Marlene and Sharon

I hardly took any photos on that trip, and because my underwater housing was spoilt, I did not take any underwater ones at all, until a month later when I went to Sipadan.

Anyway, what a difference a year has made. Here I am now, blogging whilst listening to my lovely wife snoring away.

Life is so wonderful now – and I am no longer alone.

4 Replies to “12th October”

  1. Tulis la lagi more about my snoring and soon you’ll be alone again.. heheheh… 😛

  2. haha! you guys are cool. i can’t stop laughing reading your wife’s comment!

    hmm. i’m lonely and alone. these two words are sibling i suppose? sigh. big sigh!

    p/s: my ex gf is getting married in nov. great news isn’t it?

  3. Sayang…when you snore you are cute :-p

    Porcelain Doll…thank you.

    Faisal…well, some people always say they love us very much, but never enough to marry us. Hang in there. You will get a better one. I got a better one for me in the end.

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