Supernaturally KL – Outskirts of KL

Well, I meant to continue writing on supernatural events but events have somehow caught up. And the other day I bumped into someone’s hubby going out for coffee with someone familiar (not the wife). Just an interlude for this post. So, while I have this long lunch break, I think I should just write about it. I know Wifey doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but I do because of several personal experience.

Outskirts of KL

Hulu Langat – back in the mid to late 70’s, Hulu Langat from the 9th Mile onwards, was a lonely and quiet place. Apart from the threat of communist terrorists from the nearby jungles bordering Pahang, driving to Hulu Langat was like doing a long-distance trip, much like going to Shah Alam and Sungai Buloh then. My father’s fruit orchards are located in several areas of Hulu Langat, and we would have to take a Land Rover to visit them. We would normally leave Hulu Langat around dusk, and there would be times when we were able to see a white figure with long hair standing in between the rubber trees on the way out.

Pontianak - Kuntilanak. Pic from Gambar Foto Hantu dot Com

Of course, when it got darker, you could see balls of flame flying from one house to the other. My late driver said those were spells aimed from one house to the other (in malay we call it tuju-tuju). Spells must be a common phenomenon there then; and I wonder if the same holds now. It would be scary to marry into a family that practices “black magic”…haha! Somehow this rings a bell somewhere:

“You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!”

Klang – another place. Although I have heard of certain stories, my personal experience was along Jalan Bukit Kuda about 5 years ago. I was driving back sometime after 1am when I saw a white figure flying in front of me heading towards the bank of the Klang River across from the Connaught Bridge Power Station. I stopped and alighted from the car to have a look. And there it was, searching for something on the riverbank. I suppose what they say about this kind of supernatural being eating frogs is true.

I told a former colleague who still lives there. He’s heard of stories but had never encountered one. Until one day, at the office, he told me how the thing stood in the middle of the road as his brother-in-law was driving back to the house after returning from supper with his wife.

Puchong – they talked about a haunted house at Taman Tenaga back in the 1980s. They still do now apparently. But when I was at the Air Force’s Institute of Aviation Technology back then, Bandar Kinrara was just Kinrara Estate, and at night sometimes we’d see a white figure flying from tree to tree.

Cheras – I remember this story that was printed out in one of the tabloids, about a man who came back from the dead for 40 nights, roaming around his neighbourhood at Kampung Cheras Baru. This was in the early-80s. The story goes like this: This man died, and I cannot remember if he had a supernatural being as a pet, or he learnt some black magic during his life. Anyway, when they buried him, and when the imam was reading the talqin (Instructions to the dead after burial, also known as talqin al-mayyit), the whole congregation was seen by others living nearby as giving their back to the deceased’s grave, instead of facing it. Then he would roam the neighbourhood nightly, often knocking on his family’s house door. My cousin, whose father is the imam of the mosque there, confirmed then that the deceased could also be seen going to the mosque, sitting on the edge of the kolah a tank for storing water for ablution (mind my language), with his feet dipped into the water playfully. And my uncle would talk to this zombie asking it to return to its grave and not scare the people there. I don’t know how this episode ended, or I cannot remember.

The above incident brings me back to the mid-70s at my mother’s hometown, but that is in Pahang, and that will be covered in a later posting (if I ever get to write about it).

I know there are more, but I only want to write about what I, or my friends, or family members, have experienced. So, there you have it. I hope you can all sleep peacefully tonight.

Just don’t look behind over your shoulders or into the mirror too long 😉

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  1. Hulu Langat Orchard… maybe it’s the rubbertapper who wakes up early n dress in white n never have his or her hair cut for quite a while.

    fireballs aka tujutuju…. paintball with fluorecent paint kot?? n using meriam buluh to shot ie, DIY paintball markers

    kluang got lots of mentally disturb ppl back then. nowadays we suspect it’s risik in disguise

    puchong… big white bats or owl

    cheras… maybe that’s true n now this case is closed maybe they rebury that guy with his face facing the earth.

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