Because You’re My Wife

I wrote this when I was doing the ‘D’ on the Porcelain Throne just now. This is for Wifey, and it’s called “Because You’re My Wife.

I write this because you’re my wife

Sometimes in the morning you forget to kiss me
But I know you can’t always please me
Because you’re my wife

There are times that you get grumpy
But I try not to feel all lumpy
Because you’re my wife

You steal the blanket sometimes at night
But to me that is funny and quite alright
Because you’re my wife

And sometimes you’d fart in your sleep
I smile even though the smell makes me weep
Because you’re my wife

Despite some shortfalls and come what may
I’ll love you forever, not just today
Because you’re my wife

John F SeaDemon
The master toilet of Villa 6A
Swiss Garden Damai Laut,
Lumut, Perak
26th July 2009

I love you, Baby!

5 Replies to “Because You’re My Wife”

  1. Ok..the farting part is fictional kan, Sayang? Especially the making you weep bit… Heheheheh….

    Love you to bits. Although you let out killer farts too.

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