Mat Yoq

I attended my batch’s annual sahur last night and among those attended was Yahya Sahri, the former Special Officer to the Menteri Besar of Selangor, and is now an aide to a certain opposition (depending which side of the fence you are looking from) politician. The topic revolved around Selangor politics and someone asked him why was a certain Selangor politician sounding like a mentally-ill person.

“Oh, dia masuk ISA dulu,” replied Yahya, commonly known to us as Mat Yoq. “ISA ni siapa masuk mesti tak berapa betul punya bila keluar. Bapak SeaDemon dulu kendalikan ISA ni effective betul. Sampai sewel orang dibuatnya.”

I looked at him stone-faced and quipped, “Diorang masuk kejap aje dah complain. Aku seumur hidup dengan orang tua tu. Sebab tu aku macam ni!”

And they all laughed hysterically…

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