As 2010 Approaches – Part One

Now that we’ve finally moved to our own house, I can finally put more effort (funds) into getting and doing the things that I would like to get and do.

Fantasea FP-5000
Fantasea FP-5000 Underwater Housing

The first thing that I would like to get before the month of February is a Fantasea FP-5000 to replace my current housing of the same model that is already leaking here and there. No, I am not going to upgrade my camera to a better one as this one is still good. I don’t need geo-tagging features etc. I just need something that I can take pics with; and whether the camera is of a superior model or not does not guarantee that the pic would turn out good.

And I shall be based at the drilling subsidiary after this. Although I will be slightly over a kilometer away from where my wife is currently based, I will be busy with clients on a daily basis too. And I know that at least once a month I will have to go offshore for audits and meetings. That, in turn, means I cannot really plan my holidays for the year 2010.

Notwithstanding, there are already plans in place for 2010. I’ll be going back to Tioman in February, Perhentian in March, and Sipadan in April (the Sipadan trip is an annual pilgrimage). The wife will be going to Bandung with her friends for their annual shopping pilgrimage, therefore I might just go to Perhentian again then, or maybe even Tioman, for a short dive trip. Then again, short dive trips would be a monthly feature. Maybe even twice monthly, since I will no longer be required to work on certain Saturdays in a month.

Comedy Club is also something I will need to attend on a monthly basis, since I need a change in the comedy routine…there is enough of slapstick comedy happening around me on a daily basis.

During one of the longer weekends, I plan to take Wifey to Bali and Bangkok. She’s never been to either, while I need to visit my home-country. And since Aidil Fitri will fall on a Friday, I doubt very much that I would be going on an extended leave. We will be celebrating in KL, in the comfort of our own home, as a family. Us, and 7 children.

Now, when should Wifey and I have a housewarming session?

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  1. Housewarming in January.. when there is a dearth of parties…heheh. There’s too much going on in December!!!

    Can’t wait for both Bali and Bangkok 😛

    1. We see the how, ok? Kerja under Mat Salleh ni can be leceh skets. Ini pun the GM dah tanya who I am etc to the boss.

  2. housewarming cum new year party ler…. baru boleh join… haha.. i think am gonna haf less than 4 weeks break this time around…. then sea trial for another project….

  3. sea trial kat area johor je… then off to japan for the iwaki platform decommissioning project…. abis tu gumust-kakap project till monsoon

    1. Several decommissioning jobs will take place here as well next year. We’re hoping to clinch at least one contract. Come January I will be at the drilling side full-time la bro.

      1. ohhh…no more doing HSE?? sapura acergy will be quite busy the next 2-3 years… hehe… bila mau invest in ROV?? hehe…

      2. Doing HSE bro…tapi drilling punya la…lagi pening.

        BTW we want to acquire Subsea Explore….methinketh dia ada one work class and one inspection class.

      3. yeah… u saw zainal, the boss?? he has a self built ROV called satria 101… and a seaeye falcon…

      4. I first met Zainal 4 years ago. I tried to get the RMAF to agree to let him find the missing Hawk that crashed off Rompin back in 2006.

        Yup…the two ROVs he built. Cuma the Satria 101 doesn’t have a TMS je.

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