My Life’s Pictorial Journey

Thank you to Mrs Castillo, I now have been posting old pics of mine as profile pics on my Facebook account. Sadly, I do not have any photo of mine prior to when I was 13. I have lost all those albums, and have very little of what I have after I turned 13 right until I got married to Wifey. Now let’s see if I have enough to do a journey of a lifetime:


The above was me, aged 13, back in 1979, when we were at the police’s bungalow called Greysands in Port Dickson. I was on an assault boat when this pic was taken.


This was taken in 1980, when I was 14, and it was the third day of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.


This was in 1981, when I was 15. We were flying back to KL from London, via Singapore, when our plane was struck by lightning somewhere over Paris. So, we had to stop in Zurich, Switzerland, and had a 4-day paid holiday courtesy of Singapore Airlines. This was taken at the Hilton in Zurich while having lunch, before we were taken to the airport for our flight to Singapore.


In July 1982, we sailed to Tioman on board the police fast patrol boat, the KPD Lang Kuik (PZ 4). As we passed Pulau Tulai en route to Tekek, the Commanding Officer, DSP Michael Lee, asked me if I was a good swimmer. I said yes. He gave me a crash course in scuba diving. It is still my hobby since then.


In 1983, I turned 17. This was taken inside Hargreaves Hall, the main hall of my alma mater. We had tables and chairs in there because it was during the SPM trials period.


In 1984, I was already in England. This pic was taken during summer of that year. I went to England 2 weeks after SPM (December 1983), and never got to enjoy the honeymoon like others did.


This was Autumn of 1985 on the campus grounds.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve lost most of my albums. I only have 4 albums left. So, there are missing parts in my life. Anyway, let’s carry on.


This picture was taken in 1991 on the Penang Bridge. My men and I (I’m the one left most, followed by LAC Faizal, AC Nizam and Cpl Hashim) were returning to base after an exercise. Note: we were using a civilian-registered vehicle for the exercise.


And this was me back in 1992 somewhere along the Strait of Malacca.


This was me in January 1993, 6000 feet above Gong Kedak Airbase, jumping off a C-130H.


This was me receiving a medal from the 10th Yang DiPertuan Agong (the late Yam Tuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan) back in 1995.


This was me in 1998. 21st April 1998, to be exact. I landed at the North Pole by parachute.


This was my student, Bob, and I, after our jump at Ipoh airport in 2000.


This picture was taken on 21 November 2001 after riding a jet-ski non-stop for 21 hours 11 minutes, completing 1000 kilometers in the process. This was to be my 3rd and final Malaysian record.


This was by Lac Leman in Geneva in October 2003 during the ITU Telecom World 2003. I was 37 years old.


In August 2005, I attended the 11th ASEAN Telecommunications Regulatory Committee. The farewell dinner’s theme was anything related to James Bond. So, I had a name tag made quickly.


By 2006, I was actively diving – I was no longer going to any office 🙂


I was still actively diving in 2007. Seen here with a Great Barracuda behind me at Terumbu Tiga, Perhentian.


In 2008, diving took a slow pace because I met this wonderful woman. This was taken on 22nd March 2008.


In 2009, I married her, after knowing her for 18 months (12 of which were being in a relationship).

So there have you…the pictorial journey of my life. I wish I could find my lost photos, or even the ones of me until the age of 12.

I’ll see what I can do…

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  1. bro, your younger pictures look bad ass man 😉

    i am somehow glad to see you last few pictures with warm smiles – that is the best summary of the years so far, imho. 🙂

  2. How so sweet, SD. Despite it all, the lovely lady is now yours – wife, best friend and room mate!!!!

  3. Wow! Interesting – Each pix on its own tells a story & some more 3 Malaysian records!

    Couldnt help noticing that expanding girth – tu tandanya bahagia nooo

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