Don’t mind me whine about my life.

It’s been a crazy week, in fact. I have been so busy at work lately, and this is made worse because some people are so indecisive – therefore, I cannot move forward until they do. On top of that, I lost a cousin who was very dear to me last weekend due to complications that arose from breast cancer.

It will be the month of May soon. Initially, I thought of making a dive trip somewhere; but looking at my schedule, I shouldn’t even be thinking about going on one. I know some time next week I may have to make a trip to Kemaman, to go back on one of our vessels for an inspection. The last time I was on board this particular vessel was when I was offshore Sarawak back in 2009, starting my hitch in Miri and ending it in Bintulu.

Me watching the sunset as the KPV Kapas passes 4N 113E
Me watching the sunset as the KPV Kapas passed 4N 113E sailing on the “Miri Roads” towards Bintulu

The following weekend I will be involved in the Group’s bowling tournament. Not that I am a good bowler, but almost everyone else on the management level will be competing. So I was asked to form a team.

I will have to complete another audit report by the end of next week; sit down with people from the Dulang and Angsi fields to complete a bridging and Specific Instructions for Simultaeneous Operations (SISO) documents for each of the field because by mid-June, our rig will leave offshore Sabah and head towards Terengganu’s Angsi Field for two months before doing a 3-year stint at the Dulang Field, also offshore Terengganu, come August.

The good thing is: I won’t be traveling by crew boat to the rig anymore after this. The bad news is, it would also be by helicopter during the monsoon season.

I have also been programmed to go to Pasir Gudang to undergo the Lifeboat Coxswain Training, a 4-day course to qualify me as a lifeboat pilot onboard the rig. Although we use the twin-fall lifeboat onboard, I would also have to learn to pilot a freefall lifeboat.

One of four twin-fall lifeboats on our rig
One of four twin-fall lifeboats on our rig

The good thing is, I will be spending the long weekend in Genting Highlands with my parents and my family (seven kids and all), and I am so looking forward to this good break. I just hope the kids won’t stress the wife and I out.

Well, that’s it. I’ve spilled it out…it’s off my chest now. I guess I will have to plan for a dive trip in June or July now. Luckily I’ve already booked a flight out to Tawau for my next trip to Sipadan in November. Let’s just hope I am able to maintain my level of sanity until then,

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  1. Chill! April is not only the month for LHDN thingy, it is also always the craziest month of the year (for most schools). So, relax and enjoy your coming trip. Take care.

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