This Is Not Enticing

Okay, everyone else has had their share of what to say about a certain offensive/racist/sexist Ramadhan public service advertisement shown recently on TV8. It was said to be stereotyping the chinese community in Malaysia, and everyone including Patrick Teoh went to town about it.

But nobody gives a damn about the Payu Up, Ombak Besar and most controversial of all, KOPI JANDA. KOPI JANDA (Divorcee’s Coffee) is shown almost nightly in between TV3’s Nightline segments and has that seducing voice saying out its tagline “Bukan nak menggoda, cuma nak berniaga (I’m not enticing, I’m just selling).” I believe it is downright sexist, and somehow implies that divorcees are out there to entice men to sell their business products. Furthermore, it is marketed under JANDA (Jaringan Amanah Niaga Demi Ad-Din or Business Trust Network for the Religion).

Perhaps because the advertisement seems to target only the malay audience that is why nobody gives a damn.

But it is nevertheless sexist and degrading.

Kopi janda, bukan nak menggoda, tapi nak berniaga!
Kopi janda, bukan nak menggoda, cuma nak berniaga

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