Ask Kambeng, But Kambeng Stupid

A friend pointed me to this blog belittling a military tradition. As an ex-military officer, I take offence in this, be it from the Opposition, or from the supporters of the government of the day.

Click Here To See How Stupid This Is

The Cenotaph seen in the video was built by the British Administration to honour the fallen during the First and Second World Wars, and the First Malayan Emergency. It was first located at a roundabout near the old KL Railway Station, and the Masjid Negara. That road was first called VICTORY AVENUE. This cenotaph was moved to the present location near the National Monument in 1964 because of a construction. The construction of our National Monument was commissioned in 1963, and completed in February of 1966. That area was called CENOTAPH ROAD after the First Monument. It now bears a Malay name, JALAN TUGU.

In the video, you see a group of kids from an International school paying respect to the fallen dead – Commonwealth Soldiers whom had fallen protecting this soil during the two world wars, and the First Emergency, while the “Last Post” is played by buglers from the 1st Royal Malay Regiment. This, I’m sure, was taken during WARRIORS DAY to honour the dead.

This nation owes the current peaceful situation to the fallen dead: men and women who were not only Malays, but also Punjabs, Indians, Chinese, Australians, British, New Zealanders and others. This is NOT the only site where the dead are being honoured. The same is being done every year at God’s Little Acre in Taiping, and in Sandakan to honour the Australian soldiers who perished during a forced March by the Japanese to Bongawan.

War knows nothing of colour of skin, the God you hold, the food you eat – buried in this land are Muslims, Jews, Taoists, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, what-have-yous; who lost their life so we could live in peace and prosperity. We don’t honour them because they are Muslims or Colonialists, we honour them for the greatest sacrifice that they have done. In the UK, are the names of six Malay men who were lost on board the HMS Banka, a Royal Navy ship that was sunk by the Japanese. They are being honoured annually by the British.

Were we involved during the First World War? There wasn’t much action here in Asia, but in October of 1914, there was the Battle of Penang: the German cruiser Emden sunk the Russian cruiser Zhemchug. 89 crewmen were killed. 82 are buried in Penang. The other seven bodies were never found.

Of course, I don’t expect ignorant keyboard soldiers whom have not spend even a second in His Majesty’s service to understand military tradition. All that ever comes from them are incomprehensible filth. it shows what their brain is made of.

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  1. setuju….kita sembelih ja kambeng tu buat bbq…nak tunjuk video biar yg betul…ini cerita lain lain ditunjuk dgn niat mengelirukan org yg tak tau cerita sebenar.

  2. I learn so so so so much about history of this country from reading your blog. These are the things that wouldnt get any mention in history books / tour brochures. Do write more about Malaysia esp the past.

    1. Thanks for your support. I’ll try to write more especially in conjunction with Malaysia Day.

  3. Respect to the fallen: victors or vanquished don’t matter. They fought and died for a cause that determined the future we are in…The people who distort history/legacy do so for mean and selfish motives.
    Pls allow me to disgress: An aging military officer came by, at every Ching Ming (up to mid 90s), to pay respect to my Grandfather and 6 of his fallen comrades (buried at a special 1/2acre cemetery plot with a memorial wall) in Kota Bharu. That aging Japanese guy had served as a senior military Officer in the Japanese 18th Division. He probably had respected my grand father as a worthy opponent… then some years back, for whatever the reason, a political party built a cenotaph 1km away from the Heroes’ graves…and today, there is no more school band playing The Last Post during the All Souls’ Day, at my Grand father’s grave site. Sedih tapi benar.

    1. Sure Mimi. Share away! But do read the other articles as well to get a bigger picture of the whole situation

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