I find it ironic that Suara Keadilan tweeted the fact that Russian astronauts are allowed to vote from space but overseas Malaysians are not. In almost the same foul-breath, DAP says members of the police and armed forces should not be allowed to vote in Sarawak because they were not born there.  If this isn’t discrimination bordering racism, then I do not know what is. Furthermore, DAP reps are known to have made racist remarks every now and then?

I would agree with this move as several lawmakers from thenPR side were not even born in Malaysia, like Saifuddin Nasution and several others whose IC number came out in an expose a few months ago when the issue of illegal immigrants was hotly debated. Maybe they should be disqualified from office for not being natural-born Malaysians.

DAP should not forget that members of the police and armed forces serving in Sarawak serve the people of Sarawak, too, and come under the crap of the MP/ADUN where they serve, and therefore have every right to vote for or against the party the MP/ADUN represent.  Maybe DAP lacks the confidence in winning bigger number of votersthere and is seeking a scapegoat to cover its weaknesses; and what better scapegoats than the police and armed forces?

Wake up, DAP! If you spend lesser time politicking and more time serving the rakyat, then you should not worry.

And remember, the term “RAKYAT” does not belong to your supporters only as majority of us were born in Malaysia, unlike your PR MPs who are also PR of other countries.

Tsk! Tsk!

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