The Mole Breached

The Mole website under repair
The Mole website under repair

So what is a Mole?  For most it is that furry burrowing animal that is regarded by some as pest.  For others, it could mean an insider giving out information.

For me, being someone with the sea close to heart, a mole is a solid structure on a shore that serves as a pier, breakwater or causeway.  A bridge jutting out towards the horizon, if you must.

That is what the website The Mole means to me.

This blog of mine has been contributing to The Mole since the Malaysia Day promise of legal reforms by the Prime Minister.  I was roped in probably because of the crazy stuff that I wrote in conjunction with BERSIH 2.0 and when people think they know history when they really don’t.

The Mole allows people like me, who are not from the other side of the coin, no matter which side of the coin you represent, to air our views, most importantly to lash out at lies dished out.  Occasionally, people like me lash out at people representing the ruling Government too, as we are not paid by anyone, to write.  I write what I feel about things, and if my readers feel they cannot agree with my points, then they can choose not to read – or leave a comment.  The Mole picks up news from bloggers like me (although I do not think anything that I write is newsworthy if at all) and publishes them like normal newspapers would.  The only difference between The Mole and, say Malaysiakini, is that those behind it are true political journos; not people from sports desk, or entertainment desk who were mustered to form the latter.  And The Mole is more objective in its presentation, not permanently leaning on one side of the political fence.

This blog of mine, the blog of an insignificant person, has been subjected to several attacks in the form of written abuses.  Well. I am no Rocky Bru, or Kickdefella, or Big Dog – but for people to feel threatened by what I have written means I must be saying something right somewhere.  It is probably for this reason that The Mole was attacked by people who cannot handle the truth.

Rocky Bru asked a few bloggers and I on Twitter this afternoon: “Any major difference, Cyber Troopers and Terrorists?”

The similarity I would say is that Cyber Troopers are Terrorists when they start sabotaging other cyber sites.  The only difference is terrorists terrorize.  These cyber troopers don’t.  Therefore, they are nothing more than petty criminals who get cheap thrill from doing stupid things, like those Mat Rempits of Setiawangsa who are fond of repositioning traffic signal lights.  No difference there.

Anyway, if you want some fun in knowing what is the truth about who has been lying to the rakyat, enjoy this clip:

The Stammering Liar Caught With His Pants Fully Down

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