Happy New Year 2009

This was how we spent the last day of 2008:

View from above

We checked into the PNB Darby Park in the afternoon at lunchtime before returning to office after.

Wifey and I taking photos of KLCC

We took some photos of KLCC from the balcony. Then we went to Benkay, Nikko Hotel, for a Japanese dinner.

BenkaySashimiCalifornia RollsTeriyaki CodSoft Shell Crab RollsAustralian Beef

Then I completed my final blog posting for 2008

Finishing up the final 2008 blog posting

And then, came the New Year


Have a Happy New Year, people!

2 Replies to “Happy New Year 2009”

  1. happy new year SD!
    i wish i could take my family to watch fireworks from some hotel one day… wait till the small boy can appreciate it first lah 🙂

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