In God’s Grace

A junior of Wifey’s, Siti Marlina binti Zainal (STF 89-93), returned to God’s grace on Monday 6th July 2009, after a 5-year battle with breast cancer. I left a comment on her final posting to inform her readers that she is no longer with us.

For all you ladies, and husbands, do read her blog, and an article she wrote on her earlier battle.

The Sky Is Red

Radiology Malaysia – I Lost My Breast But Not Everything Else!

And do say prayers for her, and for the family she’s left behind.

The late Siti Marlina - pic courtesy of Radiology Malaysia

3 Replies to “In God’s Grace”

  1. Hi SD, i didnt know my arwah cuz was ur wife junior back in UM? Al fatihah to arwah..n for info her 2 mths baby boy Qays Aiden is in a good health and now being taken care by her husband and my uncle. Her daughter resembles the lil marlina that i know.

    1. Blue Ame…arwah was my wife’s junior at STF. My wife was 2 years her senior and my wife remembers her as that cute pony-tailed girl. Both of us were affected by the news of her death because of what she went through, making sure of little Qays Aiden’s well-being even though she was battling for her life. To me, she was a hero, a true mother and wife who lived her life to make sure those she loved will be okay.

      Please convey our condolences to her family, and from time to time, do let us know of her children progress. We wondered how her passing would affect them, especially the daughter.

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