Mana Ada Sistem

So, Nazri Aziz has announced of a settlement deal between the Government and Tajuddin Ramli over legal cases involving the latter and several Government-linked companies (GLCs) that includes a case of breach of contract. The GLCs are Atlan Holdings Bhd., Naluri Corp Bhd., Telekom Malaysia Bhd., Pengurusan Danaharta Nasional Bhd., and Malaysia Airlines (MAS).

In light of the recent MAS-Air Asia fishy tale, people are wary of this deal announced by Nazri. He said the proposal was made after Tajudin approached certain ministers for help in the matter. He was quoted to have said:

“What is wrong to settle the matter? The cases did not go for trial (yet)”

Of course it doesn’t look wrong if you look at it that way. What of the moral duty to the rakyat whose government’s GLCs have suffered for almost a decade because of wrongdoings? Would it not send the wrong signal to other CEO of GLCs?

You know who, you know how, you can go home now.

Mana Ada Sistem?

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