Online social networks are fun places; you get to meet all kinds of people from all over the world. One such group is the Murtads in Malaysia and Singapore on Facebook. The description of the group reads as follows:

Islamic apostates in Malaysia and those who support them. This group has the goal to network the apostates of Islam from Malaysia and those who would like to offer support and discuss about this issue.

The Apostates in Malaysia group offers a safe place for those who are trapped by Islam in Malaysia. Feel free to introduce yourself, share your stories and concerns, anything you like. This place is especially for you. 🙂

By government orders, Faith Freedom International ( is currently banned by every ISP in Malaysia. Internet usage is also highly monitored in Malaysia today. Those found to be accessing and/or publishing disagreeable contents according to the Malaysian government and the Islamic government of Malaysia are subject to arrest and up to a heavy degree of indeterminable punishment. Apostasy, according to a fatwa issued my the Islamic government of Malaysia, a national security threat and treason. Therefore, for security reasons, I encourage those who are apostates especially in Malaysia to use a secondary Facebook account to participate in this group.

Everyone is welcomed to join this group and participate in the discussions. Being an apostate is such an intimate and troubling concern to individuals who are affected in Malaysia, therefore it only makes sense that we have compassion as there is already weight of the burden that they carry – this can be a wonderful place for everyone if we decide to make the conscious effort to be nice to each other here 🙂

Even more surprising is to find several known figures from Malaysia that include Raja Petra, Boo Cheng Hau (DAP), Xavier Jayakumar (PKR), and Ean Yong (DAP):

Murtad One

Murtad Two

Murtad Three

Murtad Four

Friends of PAS, I presume.

(Images taken with thanks from Cucu Tok Selampit‘s blog.

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