The Cult of Public Bank

I saw the trending topic on Twitter (#tansriteh) and wondered what it was all about. Then I found out about the Cult of Public Bank.

Cult is actually a nice way of saying not many people like you.

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  1. Public Bank and Tan Sri Teh is yet another success story of the immigrant Chinese in Malaysia. If the Chinese care to stop and look around them and compare their life in Malaysia objectively, then they won’t complain so much about the NEP and any other initiative to help the Bumiputera. I’m sure the younger Chinese here would want to thank their forefathers for choosing ‘Tanah Melayu’ over other destinations.

  2. Mark, how right you are, but I ‘m afraid,because when you and I say it, we will be termed as ‘sellouts’. I wonder why if an ABC (american Born Chinese) in the US can acknowledge their ancestors as immigrants, why our generation of Chinese Malaysians cannot accept that.

    No doubt we are citizens now and consider Malaysia our ‘Tanah tumpahnya darahku’, and the govt acknowledges us too, but yet there are those out there who are not content with this.

    Why the need for another Banana Republic?

    There is always that comparison as saying that 700,000 Malaysians who chose to leave Malaysia because of discrimination, etc etc. They chose to leave, for what? another form of discrimination?

    I have never felt discriminated. And if there are those who feel it, its because they CHOSE to.

    I am thankful of the fact that God gave me this beautiful country, blessed with beautiful people.

    Let’s keep it that way.

    (Again, how many of the top 10 richest are Chinese Malaysians?) You think they got there by showing their middle finger to the government of the day and their policies? Truth is Malaysia has proven itself that it can very much hold its own. Its those that are hell bent on hijacking it that are creating the ripples in the pond.

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