Con Air

Much has been said about Anwar Ibrahim’s flight to Labuan using a private jet, that even Khairy Jamaluddin’s questioned Anwar’s reason for using the private jet – which was because flight connections to Labuan is poor, a bull I refuse to believe because being in the offshore industry, Labuan is among my usual destinations.

According to the Gerakan’s Youth Chief, Anwar claimed that the use of the private jet was made available by a friend who expects nothing in return, while Anwar’s lieutenant and fellow passenger, Tian Chua, claims that it was chartered from the owner. Who’s telling the truth remains unclear at press time.

The aircraft in question, a Dassault Mystere Falcon 900, registration N990BB is registered to an American company, but has been operating out of Subang since at least February of 2012. In 1995, the cost of operating such aircraft per flight hour was USD9700., which makes you wonder why would one want to foot such a bill out of goodwill?

The aircraft is registered to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest as its trustee, but reliable sources in Subang (remember, I have an aviation background, too!) tell me that the operator, or owner, or agent for the aircraft in Malaysia is one Dato Mohamad Taufik bin Haji Omar, Chairman of LD Sports Sdn Bhd, President of the Malaysian Judo Association.

In order to clear this con air, I strongly urge Dato Taufik to come forth and explain to the masses.

Let us await his response.

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