Sabah: Revisit 1950

We enter the fourth day of skirmishes with eight deaths on our side without any long-term solution. Fighting an almost endless stream of battle-hardened enemy along a porous coastline. Like it or not, we have to face the facts and hit it head on, and stop living in denial.

With Nur Misuari, leader of the MNLF, already giving a stern warning to Malaysia over the recent firefights, and the growing sentiment in the Philippines in support of their people fighting our forces on the eastern part of Sabah, we have no choice but to be firm. And when we fight an enemy that abides by no rules, we will have to make up our own as we did back in 1950.

The latest skirmish that cost the life of six police officers and men goes to show that there are sympathizers amongst the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos earning their living here – most calling Sabah home instead of the Moro region.

In view of this, I would like to suggest to the government to revisit the Briggs’ Plan not only to ensure that the militants do not get support from sympathizers, but also to ensure that those who are genuinely here to make Sabah home are well taken care of in terms of provisions and medical treatment.

I leave the mechanism to the authorities but this is no time to be pussy-footing. The Sabah coastline that is exposed to infiltration stretches from Kudat and all the way southeast to Tawau. Even if we deploy all 300,000 men of the police and Armed Forces, we would be stretching our resources film-thin.

Give it a thought, but please don’t take another 23 days to decide.

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  1. Agreed. All habitats that have Philippines to be cordoned of and no food or medical supplies allowed. All non Philipinoes to be moved to othet areas.

  2. Leave security to the people who knows best without interference from politician and civilian administrators. If you need radar for surveillance so be it and buy. Those PTDs are not war people. Ministers do not understand wars so just don’t bullshit.

    1. I agree. Let those who are trained for this to do what should be done and settle this swiftly and firmly.

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