MilOps Lahad Datu: Now Every Critique Can Fly…Kites

Those with keyboard military experience playing Command & Conquer et al are now asking why are our troops being flown using Air Asia aircraft. Lots of criticisms fly here and there accusing the armed forces of not having the capability to support such an operation…and this coming from the same group of people who questioned military and police purchases of new equipment.

First of all, it is normal for the military to utilise civilian aircraft to support operations, even if there is no critical operations taking place. The military has been using Malaysia Airlines for as long as I can remember, even when I was still a serving officer. Now, Air Asia is being contracted to ferry military personnel.

In this operation for Sabah, you need to move two infantry battalions from the Peninsula to Sabah, and move them in the quickest and fastest manner. All war materiel will be transported using the RMAF’s C-130 transport aircraft. You cannot transport armoured personnel carriers, artillery pieces in large numbers if the C-130 is filled with infantrymen. Logistically, an army has to arrive with its firepower at around the same time. You cannot deploy an army that is still waiting for its equipment.

Look at the picture below of our men leaving for Lebanon. What aircraft do you think carried their equipment?


And what did the British use to transport their men and materiel to the Falklands?


And what do the Americans use for deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan? The soldiers below are not at an Air Force base:


And how did they fly?



Come on, people! Most of you are learned lawyers and what-nots, but the way you think is just like a fourth grader. Use your brain if you actually have one. Stop whining, push politics aside and start supporting our men and women in blue and green because the closest you have been to going to war is only when you shout buckets-of-political-shit rhetoric and you are nowhere near the tenth percentile of being as brave as these men and women are.

So, just shut your trap if you have nothing good to say about them! Because you all sound like yeast-infected whiny old hags.

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  1. Well said bro.. If foreign soldiers do the same, they will ignore, but will pinpoint at our own heroes. Those idiots who does not understand what trouble our national heroes are going through. This is all because certain people want to politicize the issue..

    1. Thank you. Please share with friends. When these men are sacrificing their life for the country, some goons want to belittle them

  2. Sorry man, the situation is not funny but your post made me laugh(I am not sure if you had any sarcasm embedded but I felt it). So many idiots are on cyber space. The internet has given many people voices…it has also given idiots voices too…god save us.

  3. Lets face it, those pictures you showed are for a major deployment and the air asia flight to Lebanon are for peace keeping operations. Here we hv an incursion of about few hundred men surely the logistic s dept of the atm can get their aircraft for the 3hrs flights or so. Lame article. The point stops here where mindef screw up their work.

    1. Let’s face it. God created idiots and you’re one of them. You’ve never spent a day serving the country and all you do is whine. Yeast-infected hag you are.

      1. I’m confused bro….which one of the two old hags are yeast infested?

        They both look like yeast infested to me. Plus being lard assed losers too.

    2. Moving a battalion of army to lahad datu is major deployment, oh shit its TWO battalion! yes it’s an incursion of few hundreds, but it’s look like guerilla warefare, and we never sure if there are more of them. So they sent more infanry just in case. See? You failed the first test of Military Logistic, first fucking simple test.

    1. Thank you. Please continue to support our men and women in blue, white and green.

  4. Thank you, as well, for your service to our nation.

    I just cannot fathom the idiocy of these morons. I would think that our soldiers and officers have enough on their plates without their own countrymen making things worse.

    May the Force be with us and them.

    1. Thank you. Let’s keep supporting our forces because lots of morons out there who are bent on belittling them. They never realise their calling the police and military all kinds of names. But when the traffic police stand in the rain helping them get home, not a word of thanks.

  5. Why publicize troop movements. Cheap publicity to gain branding ? What if Sulu fighters target AA to make a point. It only take one fanatic to sabotage a plane. I support troops but do not support unnecessary publicity which may put ordinary Rakyat at risk. Invading Sabah and killing soldiers and policemen is an act of war. No need to be a fourth grader to figure this out.

    1. I think at this juncture anything Malaysian is a target. Even a passenger boat plying between Mabul island and Semporna town is a target. The villagers at Kampung Simunul in Semporna aren’t even connected to Kampung Tanduo in Lahad Datu, some are Suluks and not Malaysian. Yet, they became targets and got held as hostages for a full day.

  6. love this comment written by someone from the blog, it says:
    “from my point of view…

    what has been pointed out maybe true and most likely be true…
    but why does the citizen of malaysia react so harshly once the airasia photo was uploaded…
    the answer is fairly simple…
    as corruption is a culture in the barisan nasional is no longer a secret to all, anything posted on facebook or any news can be twisted and related to corruption commited by our government even if its not…
    especially in this case when military plane engine went missing a few years back and the purchase of a military submarine started alot of story back then…
    the government have themselves to blame if we the rakyat misjudge them as it is them who planted this kind of mind set and physcological effect in the rakyat…”

    plus there is only so few official reports, all is so lack of details on why and how. most of our news reports only talks about, what and when or where.

    1. I agree. But my task here is to explain that it is perfectly normal to use civilian aircraft or vessels or buses and lorries to support military operations. As for corruption, submarine and other matters, take it to the government. I am not the government. Show your protest during the general elections.

      Mind you, corruption exists on both sides of the political fence.

      1. Yes corruption exists on both sides.
        In the real world, we must know how to weigh things. The real world is not just about right or wrong, yes or no. There is always degrees and percentages in between. We must know how to weigh and call for judgments. As there is no utopia.
        All countries have corruptions. It is critical to understand what level or degrees and how serious the corruptions has become.

        I believe this, absolute power corrupt absolutely. This is true for the case of our current government, they are now too powerful that it has become hopeless to wait for them to fix themselves. Even though the opposition might be corrupt, but it will take probably not years but even decades for them to become as powerful as our current administration thus being as corrupt.

        To believe that opposition will become as good as angel is just as naive as believing that our current government can improve by itself. The main point here is the people must realize is that we have to gain back these power to ourselves and not be feared by government so easily like the past 55 years.

  7. It’s the fastest and effective way to travel for both military and their equipment. I wonder why people keep questioning the flight when the fact that these men and women are sent to protect our country and might even face their demise for the sake of the country…they don’t know what it feel like to have been in the front lines of a battle… 😦

    1. you can read in my comment, why people keep questioning.
      it has been in the mindset of many, that they will assume that this and that is due to corruptions.
      can we blame them for thinking like that? yes probably, but that won’t solve the problem why so many have that mindset as this is just a symptom of prolong exposure to news related to corruptions.

      and plus, there was just too few reportings and news that explain on why and how of the decisions made. If they had first came up in the official news reporting to say that because of most of the military transport planes had been fully occupied carrying the machinery and have now in turn use the commercial jets, there would have been less critiques.

      ok well, we can’t always force people to think the way we want them to, as we too stand for liberty and do not want people to force us on what to think.

    1. Ah! Written by another keyboard warrior who knows nothing, never spent a minute in a uniform except during schooldays, I presume

  8. lets face it, if the move to use airasia was explained before it was done, then some genius will say that the need to give an explanation was proof of some hanky panky..and then they will say it was perfectly normal to use commercial planes as other countries had done so without bothering to explain to their people, so there must be some hidden things that made the explanation necessary…..

  9. The main reason we use civilian flights is due to economic factors. During peace time if we have so many military transport it will be a high overhead to maintain. During WW2 the allies had to use civilian transport for such emergency cases as it is a norm during an emergency as reflected in the Sabah Incursion. The main Issue is that Our fighting man and women are risking their life to protect the freedom we at the computer console are actually benefiting. Whatever conflict there will always be casualties. As it stand so many parents, wife’s and children will not see their love ones live their life. So many fathers will not see their children grow or grow old to see their grand children. As for politics go to the polls we practice democracy system whether its perfect or not. But don’t forget at the end if we stand by and condemn and not support the defense of our nation, then we should not call ourselves Malaysian.

  10. Salam. a very good explaination sir.
    Orang zaman skarang ni.. kadang2 tu tak tau hujung pangkal pun..tau kritik ja… apa salahnya buat research secara mendalam dulu baru la hingaq dekat social media. masalahnya jangan katakan research.. nak ambek info dari sumber yg sahih pun takmau… tq

    1. Thank you. Kalau nak bertanya takpe. Ini bodoh sombong main hentam aje

  11. Who is making fun of it? Why take it as an insulting?
    It is quite common the people are just curious and making various reasonable assumptions from what they observe everyday.

    Thank you for entertaining the trolling culture with the substantiated facts and stories.

  12. Good article I must say. It is a good exposure who does not know how military works.

    I can’t agree with you more that we need to respect our police and military personnel, especially they put their lives for keeping us safe. If you think about it, they used to have more respect from the people long time ago until recent years. Have you ever question why they start to lose respect? Even how unfair the reasons may seem, I believe it is a valid and real reason.

    Rather than condemning anyone which will cause more hatred, wouldn’t it be more constructive if we can think of a solution how our armed forces can gain back their respect from the people. Won’t that be more useful?

    I would like to hear your thoughts, and perhaps some solutions that you had in mind for this.

  13. Really? you mean the Malaysian air-force only have that few planes? That we used the ENTIRE air fleet to transport equipment cargo? That ALL the equipment had to be transported from the peninsula? That flight duration to and fro Sabah takes so much time that each bird can only make a single trip per day?

    Maybe if you removed that yeast-infected crap from between your ears you’ll be able to see that it was all a public relations exercise. No, I’m not a ‘military man’ BUT I am a marketing and communications man.

    1. You seem to have a poor grasp of common sense for a marketing person. Even the US with literally hundreds of transport aircraft still need to utilize civilian aircraft to move their men around. Do you know how much it costs to maintain an aircraft?

      Maybe you should take up management too. Then they will teach you what “economy of effort” means.

  14. I keep telling everyone the same thing too. You fly more people each round with commercial flights and Hercules can be used to transport vehicles and cargoes like weaponry etc.

    Everything is being politicised these days man.

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to think rationally. To them, whatever the government does is wrong, one way or the other.

      Perhaps, they prefer seeing our soldiers travel by sampan to Sabah.

  15. thanks bro dengan jasa dan keringat sewaktu dlm perkhidmatan. Yg bangkang tak tentu pasal tu, tu BANGANG namanya.. Derang tu semua baru je habis operasi di Counter Strike…org berangan lah katakan..

  16. Just to comment on your statement above,

    “Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to think rationally. To them, whatever the government does is wrong, one way or the other.”

    I think the real unfortunate thing here is the negative perception by the public in general towards our present government. Sounds unfair, but the truth is perception is all that matters in reality. Branding expert often say, “Bad branding hurts!” Just like people often associate Made In China products as inferior quality, even though in reality I suspect there exist good quality products that they produced.

    So, what to do la…? 🙂

    1. Hi Angela,

      Thanks for your comment. My bad as I did not elaborate further. It should have been “government agencies” rather than the politico-executive government.

      I agree with you on the branding part. The current government has a lot to do, or maybe think of re-branding even.

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