Najib Spoke To Only Rosmah At The UNGA

What a shock it was! There were photos made viral on Whatsapp and shared on Twitter that the Prime Minister made a speech in a largely deserted UNGA hall and only and mainly to his wife and a few representatives from Malaysia.

The story was also carried by a portal and it is undeniable that the Prime Minister of Malaysia was boycotted by the UNGA.

You can see there were three photos on the blog page that were extracted from various Whatsapp and socmed sites.

Above is Najib Razak, enthusiastically delivering his speech reportedly to an empty hall recently. 

Wait! What’s that on the crawler at the bottom? Qatar investigated for a RM15.6 million bribe? If that amount is divided by 4 to reflect the current exchange rates that would translate into USD 3 point something million. If we use the rates from last year (2014) and take 3 as an exchange rate then it would come to USD 5 million.

And there is a story about that:

That was a story filed in mid 2014. Therefore the photo of Najib’s speech was taken last year.

So, what about the other two photos?

I’ll let you read both crawlers at the bottom and you tell me what year are we in now?

Whoever posted these photos must be damned lazy. Whoever’s paying them should just tie them with chains and drop them into the sea. 

Najib is only scheduled to deliver his speech at the UNGA TOMORROW, losers! Not today!

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