Bloomberg Forecasts Malaysia To Have Among The Highest GDP Growth In 2016

To the naysayers, Bloomberg has been paid to say the following by the near-bankrupted Malaysia:

Table shows Bloomberg’s forecast GDP for the world economies.
Malaysia is forecast to have the world’s 13th highest GDP growth in 2016 with a 10% chance of recession.
Bloomberg predicts the top 6 worst performing economies to be Venezuela, Brazil. Greece, Russia, Ecuador and Argentina.
They also expect DAP favorites Taiwan and Ukraine to have a 50% chance of recession.
They also predict that countries like the USA, Canada, South Korea, UK, Australia, New Zealand, the entire Eurozone to have a higher chance of being in recession than Malaysia.
Despite oil prices dropping 75% from USD110 to around USD30 per barrel, Malaysia is still not going bankrupt or any nearer to becoming a failed state at all.
In fact, we will continue to grow in 2016 – and at 13th highest too.
Or maybe Bloomberg (which was correct in its prediction for Malaysia’s 2015 GDP growth) is a crony too.


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