Najib Should Face Charges


Should he?

So said the Oversight Review Panel of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission that met for the last time on the 24th February 2016 at 10am. The meeting lasted three hours and they concluded the meeting at 1pm.

Look at the time the above was released by The Malaysian Inciter – 7am! Now how did the ORP issue a statement before it even convened?
Suddenly, The Malaysian Inciter got blocked by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission! That’s another big lie up there that they published!

Didn’t the ORP agreed to a statement saying Najib should face the music? The Star came out with this:

There is a straight denial by the Chairman of the ORP on the “statement” released to The Malaysan Inciter. The Chairman issued the following statement:


Therefore, not only did the ORP not issue such statement, it has also denied requesting the MACC to issue a public statement on the issues.

I have a word of advice for Rohaizat, who is the Director of Strategic Communications and Media for the MACC. The MACC is a body that is supposed to be the epitome of the word integrity. Rohaizat has none and he should just resign, discard his uniform and join the line of ladies who have nothing better to do with their mouth.


In the meantime the police should investigate the “ORP statement”, The Malaysian Inciter, and grill Rohaizat to see who is paying him to be such a girl. 

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