Bahri Stinks So Much Hell Might Also Follow Heaven And Reject Him

In my post yesterday  Noraihan Che Ali, Bahri Mohamad Zin’s second wife’s sister-in-law revealed that a team from Bahri’s Special Operations Division was sent from Putrajaya to raid her house and office confiscating documents pertaining to properties left by her late husband.

I have just been informed by friends in the legal profession that the Deputy Public Prosecutor who signed the Search Order was one Ahmad Sazilee bin Abdul Khairi.


I shall take a few steps back from that event.

DPP Ahmad Sazilee bin Abdul Khairi is not a nobody. He was seconded to the MACC from the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) and resided in Bahri’s Special Operations Division.

In August 2015, Ahmad Sazilee was one of three persons from Bahri’s division who were arrested by police in connection with leaking the SRC International/1MDB investigation details to Sarawak Report.

Puzzling, they were all released on bail but never charged in a court of law.


Then in November 2015, the AGC announced that Ahmad Sazilee was pulled back to the AGC from the MACC.  He now resides in the Trials Unit of the AGC.

 How then could he on the 14th January 2016 sign a Search Order made under Section 31 of the MACC Act as  a DPP in the MACC when he was no longer there?

I wonder if the police investigating officer  (IO) is aware of the above facts? From what I learnt the investigation paper (IP) was only submitted to the AGC two weeks ago (a year after Noraihan made her first police report). The IP has been rejected by the AGC as the investigation was shoddy.

And then remember the pillow talk between Bahri and his loud-mouthed second wife where she shared all the details on Facebook? She was the one who filed the MACC report against her sister-in-law Noraihan.

The two should have been investigated under Section 8(1)(d)(iv) and (e)(iv) of the Official Secrets Act, 1972, and investigate the wife under Section 8(2) of the same Act.

To date, they have never been investigated nor charged in a court of law.

I wonder if Ahmad Sazilee’s sitting in the Trials Unit has anything to do with this.

As you remember in yesterday’s post it has been pointed out that Bahri’s division was formed to investigate high-profile cases of public interests and not some petty family property tussle.

Yet, Bahri’s division was sent from Putrajaya to Kota Bharu without the knowledge of the MACC Kelantan office.

For a MACC Search Order to be made there has to be an offence or offences committed under the MACC Act.

Whatever it is, the fact that Bahri’s second wife made the MACC report, Bahri allowing his division to raid Noraihan’s home and office, and a DPP no longer with the MACC signing a search order as a MACC DPP stinks awfully of a conspiracy to get their hands on RM100 million worth of properties.

If I were the IO whose IP was rejected by the AGC I would pluck the three from their cage and grill them.

And I would start with Ahmad Sazilee bin Abdul Khairi.

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