MH 370: Is It Fair To Blame Malaysia By Saying She Was Slow To React?


On Sunday, 23rd Monday, 24th March 2014, the Malaysian Prime Minister announced that based on the findings of the UK-based Aircraft Accidents Investigations Board it was concluded that the flight of the MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.

This was met by heavy criticism in particular by families and relatives of the passengers who are in Beijing. This is understandable. As humans, we always cling on whatever glimmer of hope there is that our loved ones will somehow appear unscathed. I went through this when my brother passed away three months ago. I kept thinking that this was all a bad dream and that I would wake up to my brother’s jokes, laughter and hugs again. However, such hope should be balanced with situational logic – the acceptance of reality and that should help overcome the pathological grief a person would have. The sooner one accepts reality, the sooner the trauma will heal.

This pathological grief will get prolonged not only if one refuses to accept reality, but also by irresponsible acts to promote hope. Hope is the act of prolonging the arrival of the inevitable. I will here chide the opposition parliamentarians who call upon the government to provide physical proof that the MH370 had indeed crashed. May I just forcefully drag everyone to the reality that the aircraft cannot fly for 19 days; based on the Doppler effect triangulation the last possible location of the aircraft points to the extremely unforgiving southern Indian Ocean. If anyone, just any one person could survive the extremities of the whole situation, then let us just call that a bonus from God. While hope is good to a certain extent, my only hope is for the black boxes to be located before the batteries run out.

The search for debris is not going to be an easy task even on a normal day. Australia’s Prime Minister has described it as “looking for a needle in a haystack, but having to find the haystack first.” I would take that a step farther by saying it is like looking for hundreds of pieces of one single needle in a haystack that has yet to be found. How is that as a perspective? Now add nine-metre waves with lots and lots of whitecaps into the equation.

I take offence at a statement by representatives of the families in Beijing, as well as members of the foreign media, AND the Quislings amongst us here in Malaysia that we (Malaysia and its military) have murdered the passengers and crew, and that we have either been hiding or not been forthcoming with information or both. Malaysia has been providing all information pertaining to this incident on a daily basis, and even to the extent of sharing sensitive military data that has jeopardised its defence just so to render search and rescue efforts more effective. With the information made available to me as well as by Andak Jauhar’s analysis of the MH370 incident I shall draw a timeline so readers would understand why was the SAR conducted in the South China Sea, when exactly was SAR expanded to the west of Peninsular Malaysia, and how fast did information flow in. All times quoted in this timeline is Malaysian time (UTC +8):

08 March 2014

0041 – MH370 took off from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport with 227 passengers and 12 crew members bound for Beijing with an endurance of approximately eight hours.

0107 – the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) made its last transmission on the aircraft’s performance. All systems were running as per normal. Next transmission was due at 0137 hours.

0119 – a person believed to be the co-pilot acknowledged the handing over of the MH370 from Malaysia’s Flight Information Region (FIR) to Vietnam’s FIR. His last words were, “Alright, goodnight.”

0121 – the secondary radar at Subang’s Air Traffic Control centre lost contact with the MH370 over waypoint IGARI at 06.5515N 103.3443E, after a deliberate act of turning off the transponder as well as other communications equipment. The aircraft was then at 35,000 feet above sea level. However, the aircraft continues to be tracked by the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s (RMAF) primary radar and had its flight path towards waypoint VAMPI monitored and recorded by RMAF’s Air Defence Centres.

0215 – RMAF’s primary radar consistently monitored the path of the MH370 from waypoints VAMPI, GIVAL before finally losing track of it after waypoint IGREX while flying at 29,500 feet above sea level.

As a Contracting State to the ICAO Convention of 1944, Malaysia assumed the role of the Rescue Coordination Centre under Annex 12 of the Convention for the MH370 Search and Rescue efforts because the MH370 had yet to enter Vietnamese FIR control (its radar had not detected the MH370 yet when she changed her flight path). Based on sightings of debris, the Search and Rescue efforts concentrated at its last known position near waypoint IGARI.

0630 – MH370 was to have arrived in Beijing.

0811 – the last handshake between the MH370’s navigation system and an INMARSAT satellite was made.

1017 – Rear Admiral Ngo Van Phat of the Vietnamese Navy announced that the MH370 may have crashed about 153 nautical miles (300km) from Tho Chu island, near Ca Mau. This statement was carried by Tuoi Tre News and was subsequently picked up and released by Reuters at 1302 hours, sending SAR assets into the area.


1730 – based on the flight path monitored by the RMAF, the SAR effort was also expanded into the Strait of Malacca.

09 March 2014

– search around Tho Chu island failed to yield anything.

– the SAR efforts were expanded into the Andaman Sea. The RMAF’s sensitive radar data recordings have been shared with the SAR authorities.

10 March 2014

1343 – Vietnamese news agency Tuoi Tre reported that a passing aircraft from Singapore spotted an orange object possibly a liferaft or a lifejacket 177km northwest of Tho Chu island. SAR assets deployed later identified this object as a cable wrap.

11 March 2014

The Malaysian Chief of Air Force issued a press statement refuting a report by the Malaysian daily Berita Harian that quoted him as supposedly saying the aircraft had flown towards Pulau Perak.


12 March 2014

The official website of the State Administration of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defence of China (SASTIND) showed pictures of three objects spotted in the South China Sea believed to be related to the MH370.  These photos were then shown to the public by the China Central Television (CCTV), Xinhua News Agency, CNN, BBC and also by other foreign news agencies.  According to SASTIND, these images were taken at latitude 6.7N 105.65E at 11.00am on 9th March 2014.

SASTIND website showing debris thought to be related to the MH370
SASTIND website showing debris thought to be related to the MH370

Hence, SAR assets were again sent to verify the findings which we now know were false sightings, but not before more time and concentration of vital resources have been wasted.

14 March 2014

– search was expanded into the Indian Ocean.

15 March 2014

The Malaysian Prime Minister announced that the object tracked by the RMAF’s primary radar was indeed the MH370. This conclusion was made based on processed data acquired from INMARSAT and concurred by the FAA, NSTB, AAIB and the Malaysian authorities.

20 March 2014

The Australian Prime Minister announced satellite images showing large debris in the southern Indian Ocean. The image was taken four days earlier.

22 March 2014

The Chinese government announced that its satellite had found debris in the southern Indian Ocean. That image too was taken four days prior to the announcement.

24 March 2014

The Prime Minister of Malaysia announced that based on triangulation of handshakes between the MH370 and satellites, the flight ended in the southern Indian Ocean.

The rest is academic.


The timeline displayed above shows how Malaysia has, from Day One, been moving as fast as it could to get to the correct pointers only to be side-tracked by false and unverified sightings.  Malaysia has also been sharing everything, and literally everything including data of its sensitive military capabilities, as well as air bases so the search and rescue effort would benefit the best out of the information made available to them by the Malaysian authorities.

The timeline above also displays the average time of four days needed for satellite images to be processed before they can be safely suggested to the search and rescue teams.

What the timeline above suggests is that while the authorities are working hard to find the missing aircraft, the families as well as the public in general ought to exercise patience and restraint in their quest to know what happened. The media should be more responsible in reporting the incident as well as the search and rescue efforts as not only will the effects be adversely negative, but irresponsible reporting provides false hopes to the family that are put on an emotional roller-coaster ride on a daily basis.

And to those who call themselves Malaysians but continue in bashing whatever effort the government offers in bringing this episode to a closure, I doubt you qualify even a place as a zoological display for despicable animals.

Shame on you.

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  1. Well summarised, Seadeamon.

    Even before the Inmarsat report based upon calculations which employed triangulation and the Dopper Effect on detected frequency shifts, I had already concluded that the aircraft had most probably crashed into the sea and sank intact, together with its passengers and crew based upon there being no eye or radar sightings or satellite images of the aircraft on land or sea, nor any floating debris which could be linked to it, though there were those sightings of a plane with MAS colours flying low by people in Mauritius.

    These opposition politicians, their supporters and the families in China seem to think that the Malaysian government can work miracles and come up with information upon demand and if it has to wait for leads and evidence befor reporting anything significant, then it is “telling lies” and “holding back information”.

    Well here’s one conspiracy theory I’d like to see the pro-opposition “independent” media carry.

    And here’s the report in full, from where that above was excerpted from.

    Besides that, below are more conspiracy theories which point at the U.S. military, government agencies such as the CIA, the Jews, Rothschilds, etc.

    Of course, I hope the Malaysian government and the multinational SAR efforts locate the plane, find out what actually happened and detremine who or what was responsible for its disappearance.

    Now I’d like to see these “independent” media rags carry these as well and risk having Soros, the NED, etc. cut off their funding.

    These rags and “human rights” NGOs made a big fuss over Malaysia’s extradition of journalist Hamza Kashgari back to Saudai Arabia and to “certain death” for allegedly insulting the Prophet Mohammad but said nothing about his release from Saudi detention without trial on 29 October last year.

    So these “independent” media as so one sided to the point of covering up the fact that Hamza is now free.

    Aren’t they glad that he’s still alive and happily back with his family or is Hamza no longer of use to their nefarious agenda to tarnish the image of the government and of Malaysia.

    If the plane is eventually found and investigations reveal any shortcomings of the Malaysian government or MAS, then so be it but until then, there’s no proof, so these guys should shut up, if they don’t have anything better to say.

    1. Thank you for your comment, sir, and .i fully agree with you. Thank you again.

      1. It’s a pleasure, Seadeamon Sir,

        Inmarsat’s calculations are based upon principles a student in Form 5 or Form 6 Science would understand.

        1. Calculation of the aircraft’s distance from the satellite based upon the time it took for the response to the ping received back from the aircraft. Based upon the speed of light of 299,792 kilometres per second, they would be able to say how far the plane was from the satellite at that time. I believe it is a geo-stationary satellite parked directly above the equator.

        2. The Doppler Effect results in minute variations in the frequency of the signal received, depending on whether the aircraft is travelling towards (slightly higher) the satellite or away from it (slightly lower).

        3. Then comparing this with the know tracks of other planes flying in the region at the time, Inmarsat could worked out the track of MH370.

        The above is my own understanding of how Inmarsat worked out the track based upon various media explanations of it, though in reality the parameters used in the calculations were quite probbaly much more complex in nature and were processed by computer.

        BTW. There was a fire in MAS Avionics shop yesterday (26th March) and on 23 March, an electrical generator failed on a MAS Airbus A330, Flight Number MH 066 A330 enroute from Kuala Lumpur to Incheon, resulting in the plane having to divert to Hong Kong.

        In his blog, Sdr. Wee Choo Keong puts the blame on mismanagement and incompetence.

        However, I suspect that there could be something more sinister going on. I’ll share with you my comemnts on Sdr. Wee’s blog below.


        With the disappearance of MH370 and its irregular course to the southern Indian Ocean, the electric generator failure on MH 66 and now this fire, I suspect there is more than “mismanagement” and “management incompetence” involved here but something more sinister at work here – i.e. willful sabotage with political motives.

        And may I add.

        Too much investigative and media attention is being focused on the captain and first officer but very little on the baggage handlers, ground service crew and maintenance staff back in the hangars.

        Whilst air crew, including the flight crew and in-flight service crew undergo the same stringent searches, body and baggage scans as the passengers, what kind of security screening do baggage handlers, ground and maintenance crew undergo?

        Moreover, sabotage can be done by not tightening screws to the specific torque, loosely tightening the joints in fuel and hydraulic lines, not closing a valve properly, etc. – i.e. deliberate acts of omission which would result in failure when the plane was at cruising altitude.

        Simply put, security at the “front end” (passenger end) is already quite tight but the “back end” could well be the proverbial “soft underbelly of the crocodile.”

        I hope they will locate the remains of MH370 and not on;y retrieve the black boxes but also raise the wreckage of the aircraft so investigators can find out what really happened.

  2. Dear Sir,
    While your blog considers everything that has been officially said as true and you also state this: “May I just forcefully drag everyone to the reality that the aircraft cannot fly for 19 days; based on the Doppler effect triangulation the last possible location of the aircraft points to the extremely unforgiving southern Indian Ocean.” may I respectfully state that you are making a very big mistake in accepting what the official story is presenting you with. I am not of the opinion that the Malaysian government or officialdom have had any nefarious activity in all of this. I am proposing, quite plausibly, that other factions have and I back up each and every point I make as I have followed this entire episode in detail considering all inputs and all reports.
    There has been a (calculated and sustained, purposeful) agenda, since day one of this event, to propagandise against Malaysia (a country I had the pleasure of living in for a short while) and there are a myriad of signs that this has been managed. There are strong political reasons for it being so also and, again respectfully, if you choose to ignore this, then you are very much mistaken.
    There are conflicts throughout the entire 3 weeks which are immense and the Inmarsat data has been, in my opinion, “massaged” to arrive at the conclusion we now have. I do not believe any of it for one moment.
    I notice that my blog was mentioned in a comment above as one of “a few conspiracy theories”. A “conspiracy theory” sir, is simply something which, in today’s language, does not follow the established rules and is dismissed by the mainstream. A “conspiracy theory” is one which points in a direction which the establishment and officialdom cannot allow people, en masse, to accept or even consider. Yet, it is “conspiracy theory” – extremely well researched and supported by, at times, volumes of evidence, which provides a more plausible explanation explanation of how and why certain events have taken place in the past AND, it is “conspiracy theory” (I detest the term) which, time and again, has proven to be the ultimate fact once the “30 year rule” has extinguished and our governments release the documentation related to historical events.
    Thank you for your time.

  3. Dear Sir,

    The search area is officially shifted 1,100km northeast based on “based on continuing analysis of radar data between the South China Sea and the Strait of Malacca before radar contact was lost”.

    I’ve stated 10 days before that if it reached IGREX at 0215 hours, it needed to fly at record speed.

  4. As Salamu Alaikum Mr. Seademon,
    Izinkan saya berkongsi pandangan tuan. Saya rasa amatlah perlu semua orang membacanya.
    As Malaysian living in America, it just heart broken apabila setiap hari mendengar berita perdana di sini yang sering looking down and insulting the way our government handling this case. FYI, I forwarded your writing to Anderson Cooper CNN as well.
    May Allah bless us and Malaysia. Thanks.

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