Did Three Boeing 747-200s Suddenly Appear At The KLIA?

See the pic above.

This is how simple minds work. The above was posted by a local celebrity. Without further checking people like this celebrity simply put things down as facts, and brain-dead zombies take the “facts” as the truth.

The sad part is many believe the celebrity.
These aircraft were leased by MAS Cargo from Air Atlanta Icelandic, an aircraft leasing company. The latter sold these aircraft to their new owner. At the end of the lease, MAS Cargo parked them on the apron awaiting collection by their “new” owners who never turned up.
Those who travel frequently to and from KLIA for the past one year and a half would have seen these aircraft. They did not just appear as how simple minds would think so.

Then look at the pic below taken from Tony Puaka’s Facebook:


Tiny is another brainless buffoon whose mouth opens wide enough for us to see that there is abaolutely nothing inside the cavity in between his ears. Is Malaysia the only place where people abandon planes? If he uses the Internet to seatch for the truth rather than just to spread lies, he should have found this following link:


Stop making up facts, and don’t show to others how less clever you really are.
The moral of the story is, if you don’t have the facts, don’t talk about it or make up stories about it like some has-been Prime Minister, or some low-class buffoon disguised as a politician, or a bimbo.

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