The Black Plague 

For those who claim that they are Malaysian yet cannot speak the language, let me translate to you what His Royal Highness The Sultan of Johor said above:

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me remind you of a sickness that has come to Johor, that is caused by a deadly virus.

This virus is worse than the Zika virus because it has no known cure. If a heart attack could cause immediate death, this virus could cause a lifetime of suffering.

This virus that I am talking about is called disunity.

This virus is carried by a new political party and is spread by its members. This virus is deadly because there it is difficult to cure. When society is infected, it destroys the people’s lives and also the nation’s prosperity.

Therefore I hope that my rakyat will stay away from this virus. Use your wisdom and don’t regret later.

The carrier of this virus will bash the government and incite the people to hate the leaders on a daily basis, and then turn a blind eye on the benefits that the government has brought them. When their agenda is not achieved they will just leave society to suffer.

I speak as an elder or as a father who loves unity and wish to see my rakyat live in peace and tranquility. I do not want to see my rakyat in disunity and I loathe certain individuals. They have personal agenda and incite the people to quarrel among themselves.

When there is discord the rakyat will live in misery and when that happens don’t turn to me (for help).”

There is one party that was recently formed that has come to Johor and fit that description. The illness that is bring could only be called the ‘Black Plague‘. It seems to be the term closest to the description of the carriers mentioned by HRH The Sultan of Johor.

Which party do you think is being referred to? Would you care to hazard a guess?