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The joke is on Rafizi
The joke is on Rafizi

PKR’s habitual liar Rafizi Ramli has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for being in possession and publicly disclosing documents that have been classified under the Official Secrets Act, 1972.  Rafizi, who is known for repeatedly dishing out lies for the public’s consumption, had been warned on several occassions that he would be committing an offence under the said Act if he chose to disclose the contents of the 1MDB audit report.

Rafizi likes to portray himself as a hero and whistleblower when all his employed methods have been going against the various respective laws.  He probably felt invincible when in two previous cases involving the Prime Minister and wife, as well as the Deputy Prime Minister, he got away after the plaintiffs let him off provided he removed slanderous postings from his social media.  Two weeks ago he was told to pay RM200,000 to the Chairman of the National Feedlot Company and to the Company for defamation.  This time around, he has been found guilty in a criminal court and is therefore a convicted criminal.

Firdaus Azil of BERNAMA pointed out on Twitter that there are five Opposition lawmakers who have the same report in their possession – two from the DAP, two from PKR and one from PAS, yet none of them have disclosed anything.  The five Opposition lawmakers include DAP’s hot-air balloon, Tony Pua, whom, as a member of the Public Accounts Commitee,  has been very vocal on the 1MDB issue.  Yet Tony has revealed nothing from the audit report.  Firdaus asked his followers why hasn’t Tony Pua revealed any of the information he is privy to? The answer he gave is that Tony, as air-head as he may be, is not stupid.

Therefore my conclusion is simple: Tony creates all the hullabaloo and lets someone as drama queen and dumb as Rafizi to do his dirty job for him.

What then is Rafizi if not a Malay barua?