Lim Kit Siang Stands By His BMF RCI Request

It was supposed to be a press conference to announce la granouille extraordinaire Zaid Ibrahim’s yet another leap into a political party.

Minutes after the announcement Zaid’s joy was short-lived when U-Turn Mahathir took a swipe at him saying to the press that he hopes Zaid’s stay in DAP would be longer than the ones he had had in other opposition parties.

U-Turn Mahathir has never had anything nice to say about Zaid and I doubt he has anything good to say now either.

Zaid Ibrahim never had anything nice to say about U-Turn Mahathir either. You can read a special section on the old Pharaoh  from Page 215. Don’t bother buying the book now because he now has to like the old Pharaoh. Just get one from someone who plans to return the book for a refund.

Talking about books the best moment of the press conference was when a reporter asked what is DAP owner Lim Kit Siang’s current stand on the Royal Commission of Inquiry for the BMF scandal.

The author of two books blaming the BMF scandal on U-Turn Mahathir went through the roof!

This is how DAP would behave once power is being given to them. We can already see how charged-for-corruption Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has been behaving in Penang.

Like father like son.

Anyway, Kit Siang says that he stands by his request for an RCI to he set up to investigate the BMF scandal.

However, he added that an RCI should first be formed to investigate the 1MDB scandal.

Perhaps we should jog the memory of this selectively amnesiac ass.

The Commission of Inquiry set up to investigate the BMF scandal in the 1980s was not given the power to summon witnesses to testify. There was no other investigation done.

1MDB had had its accounts and other documents opened up for the MACC, police, Bank Negara, the PAC (which coincidentally has members of the opposition in it), and had to undergo a forensic audit performed by the Auditor-General’s Office.

There was no “bailout” for the 1MDB as opposed to the BMF scandal which was bailed out by Petronas amounting to RM2.188 billion on top of the RM2.255 billion that vanished through loans to the Carrian Group.

Also Kit Siang, please note that the RM4.443 billion came from the rakyat’s coffers so to speak as money at BBMB was from Petronas to assist the Bumiputera, and Petronas money used to bail BBMB out belonged to the people too.

BMF lent Malaysian money to a foreign company for the purpose of projects outside Malaysia that have nothing to do with Malaysia.

1MDB on the other hand borrowed foreign money for projects in Malaysia. There is no ‘rakyat’s money’ involved as claimed except the ones used to form 1MDB.

And also please remember, the US DOJ never named the current Prime Minister in its investigation documents, only a reference to an ‘MO1’ was made as that person was not directly involved in the investigation.

However, the CIA document specifically linked the BMF scandal to U-Turn Mahathir.

So Kit Siang. It is your credibility that is on the line here. Whether DAP makes it in GE14 depends on whether you would support the formation of a RCI for the BMF scandal without any conditions.

Your son is going to jail for corruption and you are the only one left from your family to ensure that your family continues to be relevant to the rakyat.

Or are you too busy kissing U-Turn Mahathir’s ass and defending him to even think about the end of your credibility as well as your political career as you know it?

Perhaps DAP supporters should start burning all the books written by Kit Siang and ditch he and his family.

There is no use keeping an old man who has no integrity yet is trying to dictate things to others.

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