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It has been seven days since the Home Ministry had given a seven-day show cause letter to The Star newspaper for being rudely insensitive and for showing disrespect to the Muslims in Malaysia.  The Star has been let off so many times for printing insensitive materials, then apologise when people react adversely.  Even BigDog has come to remind the Home Ministry why it should not show leniency towards The Star.

Under the guise of freedom of speech and freedom of the press, politically-motivated minorities in countries such as Malaysia use imaginary oppression to justify reverse racism – acts of discrimination and prejudice perpetrated by the minorities against people of the majority race or religion.  Of course if confronted with the issue, they will give an excuse saying reverse racism is not real, it is just a reaction by the Malays who are about to lose their political power. I gave a few examples of reverse racism recently.

Of course, if and when The Star gets suspended there will be an outcry by the Malaysians who cannot even remember the lyrics to the national anthem in full or speak the national language properly.  They will say that there is no freedom of the press in Malaysia and that oppression is the rule of the day.  Everything is bad except when it is done by them.

Let us take for example an incident involving an impatient driver in Johor Bahru whose thoughtless action induced people to commit affray.  A certain portal reported the race of the driver, and that he had honked his horn endlessly because the cars belonging to the worshippers had blocked the way.  We all know what happened after, and the matter has been resolved.

However, this portal’s writer decided that it was solely the fault of the worshippers as they were the ones who were not patient.

Then another incident happened involving a family against a driver over a car park lot.  In this article, the writer described the race of the the abovementioned family numerous times.

This was not the first time this writer who goes by the pseudonym Xiao Mintx had revealed the identity of a race. In this next article, she wrote about a Malay man who had complained about a group of Chinese men whom had brought their dog to a McDonald’s outlet, totally ignoring the sensitivity of the act.

Xiao Mintx they went on to support the Malay man’s complain by saying it was insensitive on the part of the Chinese customers to bring along their dog to the outlet and that the act was disrespectful of the Muslim Malays.  But what hit me was in the next paragraph, Xiao Mintx actually told the Malay complainant to be considerate and also respect the Chinese customers!

A Malay is identified by Xiao Mintx as a Malay in almost any article, but when it comes to the Chinese, they are being referred to as Malaysians.

You may think that the articles above are harmless so why is it not okay for them to be called Malaysians?  Let me put this straight – when a Malay does something awful it is a Malay who does it.  How about when the perpetrator is Chinese? How does Xiao Mintx identify the person?

So the Malays are not Malaysians then, Xiao Mintx?  Is this not subtle racism? Is Xiao Mintx of the DAP generation?

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